Board Meeting – December 23rd, 2014

  1. Call to Order

Chair, Nathan Wakefield, called the meeting to order at: 637 pm EDT

  1. Roll

Present: Nathan Wakefield,  Louie Skaradek, Jared Davis, Warren Hammond, Kyle Johnson, Afton Benson, Neilfred Picciotto, Martin Frost, Veronique Provencher, Viveca Gardiner

Absent: Mike Sullivan, Noel Yee, Lucho Fernandez

  1. Approval of Agenda

Motion: Kyle Johnson

Second by: Louie


Vote:  Approved Unanimously

  1. Approval of Minutes:

November 18th, 2014

Motion: Louie

Second: Warren


Vote: Minutes approved

  1. Reports (Please keep verbal reports to 5 min or less except for festival and future festival discussion)


2015 IJA Festival Report (Veronique Provencer)

Discussion:  Nathan went over the report for everyone.  Nathan and others are planning on putting together a video for TurboFest to use to promote at their info session regarding the IJA Festival.  There are concerns about omitting the Butterfly Man’s name from the busker competition.  Veronique was late to the meeting.  She discussed her report.  We also discussed the name of the competition with her.  Veronique is completing another grant request.  She finished a sponsor request of $10,000 from the local bank for the outdoor activities.

Future Festival Planning (Mike Sullivan)

Discussion:  The report is 65 pages long.  Board members liked the proposals from Springfield MA and Salt Lake City.  Cedar Rapids was another option.  So, we have many options for 2017 and beyond.  Martin says we haven’t been to the East coast in a long time and we have many members there.


YJA Report (Ellen Winters)

Discussion:  The YJA has a lot going on.  Kyle mentioned he sat in on a YJA class in Burlingame, CA.  Bekah Hammond really enjoyed her experience teaching representing the YJA in India.


Marketing (Kyle Johnson)

Discussion:  Louie did some really cool stuff with a postcard and ad for Circus Harmony.  Kyle sent some postcards to Master Ong’s prop shop and they placed them in their orders.  He said that they actually contacted Kyle and asked for more of them.  18,260 likes on facebook.  Woo!

Financial Report (Afton Benson)
Discussion: She contacted someone about a week ago and she hasn’t heard back from him yet.  She needs to know what she needs to report.  Warren expressed interest in seeing how much money we have to pay an executive director.  Scott set up our Amazon smile program.  We discussed the need for a calendar.  Louie expressed that he would like to have a monthly update of money in and out as well as money in and out for the festival, etc.

eJuggle Report (Scott Seltzer)

Video Tutorial Contest Report (Thom Wall)
Discussion: There was a low turnout this year.  Nathan suggests that in future years we have the prizes in hand before promoting the prizes and video tutorial competition.


IRC (Erin Stephens)

Discussion:  Nathan went over the report with everyone during the meeting.


Membership (Marilyn Sullivan)



AMS Report (Mike Sullivan)



  1. Motions for Consideration
  2. Motion to approve the new proposed IJA Stage Championships Timing system, effective beginning in 2015.

Motion: Kyle

Second: Warren

Discussion: Viveca clarified why they wanted to make this change.  Kyle asked if it was the same in the past for competitors to be disqualified for going a minute over time.

Vote: Jared opposes the motion.  Motion passes.


B.Motion to approve new purposed IJA Stage Championship Rules, effective beginning in 2015.

Motion: Kyle


Discussion: Neilfred said that the goal is to specify what the competition is for.  Viveca said that they want it to be about what they are doing.

Vote: Kyle abstained.  Motion passes.


  1. Motion to discuss proposed IJA Stage Scoring System changes with intent to vote for one of them.
    Option 1.
    Option 2.

Motion: Kyle

Second: Louie

Discussion:  Viveca explained why they want these changes.  There was lots of discussion regarding options 1 and 2.

Vote:  Nathan abstains.  Motion passes.

Motion: Warren made a motion to vote on option number one as the new scoring system for the stage system.

Second: Jared

Discussion: None

Vote: Louie opposed.  Nathan abstains.  Motion passes.


  1. Motion to approve a $75 half page print ad to be placed in the Circus Harmony: Guibilante program book.

Motion: Warren

Second: Kyle

Discussion:  Afton talked about circus harmony and how they raise money for their organization.  Motion was amended to be for a ½ page and $75 rather than a ¼ page and $50.

Vote: Motion passes unanimously.


  1. Motion to Approve an Executive Director Search Committee consisting of: Lloyd Timberlake, Jim Maxwell, Nathan Wakefield, Nathan Peterson, Thom Wall, Noel Yee, and Warren Hammond (Committee Chair).Motion: Kyle

    Second: Louie

    Discussion: Warren said that these are people he knows and thinks would be great assets to choosing an executive director.


Vote:  Motion passes unanimously.

F.  Motion to approve the IRC South America proposal and a maximum budget of $500 towards the event – with the stipulation that a venue must be secured no less than 3 months in advance. Proposal Link

Motion: Kyle

Second: Louie

Discussion: Nathan expressed concern that last year the IJA only allotted $500 for the IRCs and this is tripling that amount without factoring in other possible IRCs later in 2015.  (Erin called in and joined the call while we were discussing this.)  There was ample discussion about how much to spend.  Kyle made a motion to amend the amount to $500 from $750 and Louie seconded it as well.

Vote:  Motion passes unanimously.

G. Motion to approve the IRC Central America proposal and a maximum budget of $500 towards the event.  Proposal Link

Motion: Kyle

Second: Warren

Discussion: None


Vote: Motion passes unanimously.


  1. Varia:
  2. Ideas to make membership more appealing.

Discussion:  Something to keep in mind.


  1. Set January Meeting

Next Vision Planning Meeting – January 6th  6:30 ET  

Next Board Meeting – January 20th at 6:30pm ET.


  1. Adjournment

Motion to adjourn: Warren

Discuss: None

Voting: None

Meeting adjourned at 9:08  pm ET.