Board Meeting – December 8, 2013

Agenda 12/8/2013
Planning Board Meeting December 8, 2013
5:30pm Pacific Time
Call In Information: Toll-Free Dial-In Number: 1.800.977.8002
Participant Conference Code: 189209#

1. Call to Order
Chair, Erin Stephens, called the meeting to order at   5:36  pm PST.

2. Discussions

  • Festival DVD

    • Sales from 2011 (Nathan) 53 units sold through store at $40 a piece. $2120 was gross. Printer takes out about $10. 2010 about the same.

    • 2012 DVD Update (Nathan)Same approach to 2012. There is one misspelling of one name. Has there been enough checking of names, esp on master disk? Editing is about one year overdue. Kyle: let’s let it go and get it out – or people won’t even care about the fact that DVD is coming out. Board agrees: get it over with!

    • 2013/2014 Editor (Nathan) Kim was taking bids on 2013 DVD. Found Pablo, who quoted $2700. He was not happy finding new music. But some competitors used royalty-free music. Trying to nail paperwork.

    • Future DVDs? We do need historical record. Most important is the competition. Some do not watch the edited part. What if we had someone film the competitions and create their own DVD? No one is going to make a lot of money off the DVDs. Would someone be willing to take risk on copyrighted music? But we cannot take that risk as an organization. It is crazy that we upload a DVD with terrible music; we are late and make little money. Hard to find status of all the songs used in every competition. Used to make it mandatory to use royalty-free. People will not change their music for our competition. Music also a big problem with posting our archive music. Should we post them silent? Nathan found video policy. Good videos are good publicity for the IJA. There is now a Membership Video. As long as we can make a bit of money and not lose, it is worth doing. Can we let people upload their own videos and not film? It is not much money. Should not promote filming and posting but should not reprimand. Current policy is to allow filming of everything but stage shows. Scott is re-evaluating the member-only content, which is not been great at attracting members. We are not getting many views. Do we post directly to YouTube to promote IJA and festival. But member-only video is part of membership drive. Seem to have agreed to leave silent for those without royalty-free music. We need royalty-free for the montages. This is up to editor. Move forward with contract for new editor.

    • Dubbing competition routines

  • Proposal for Donor

    • Where should we propose the anonymous donor earmark his/her funds? Lloyd proposed pushing of money for designing website. Others agreed. Erin has website designer in mind, willing to present proposal. Erin looking at $1000/year Wild Apricot. Designer says do not use their website. Others are more expensive. Lloyd will draft letter. Also may want to hire writer to re-write website copy.

  • Turbo visit

    • Noel requested $300 for staying the 2 extra days following the Turbo fest – to tour the sites and attend the City Council meeting.

    • Don and Greg said they would be willing to do it for free, but did not realize that 2 days following the festival was entailed.  Greg is unwilling to stay for one day, and Don likely does not know that touring for a full two days was expected.

Erin: need someone on the board doing full tour, checking distances, etc., develop good relations with Veronique, be at City Council meeting. We do pay fest directors expenses to visit site. Noel’s money would be for after the fest. General feeling that paying Noel’s expenses is reasonable. Nathan/Erin follow up again with Don.

  • Vision Statement of the IJA

    • Vision: What the company intends to become

    • Writing a good vision statement isn’t difficult. Think about what your business does and what, in an ideal world, you would like it to do and how you would like to appear to the outside world. Consider the services and attributes that your company provides, then imagine how it would be if you provided the very best version of them possible. List those visions, and incorporate them into a brief statement that gives a good overview of the kind of image you want to represent.

Understanding your goals and being able to state them clearly is the first step toward making them happen.

Vision Statement is part of strategy development of the IJA. “Support past, present and future of juggling. Support hobby of juggling.” Get historical element in. Look at old thread on old Board Plus.

  • New forums

3. Confirm Dec 22, 5:30pm PST for next board meeting.

4. Adjourn
Kyle  made the motion to adjourn the meeting at  6:31  pm PST.
Vote:  Passes