Board Meeting – February 2, 2014

Agenda 2/2/2014

Planning Board Meeting February 2, 2013
5:30pm Pacific Time
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Toll-Free Dial-In Number: 1.800.977.8002
Participant Conference Code: 189209#

1. Call to Order at 5:35 PST
Chair, Erin Stephens, called the meeting to order at 5:35 pm PST.

2. Discussions

  • 2014 Festival updates – Erin

    • Ballroom- hosting for the Renegade show we can no longer use it for that purpose.   Venue is concerned about damage to the floor and the nature of the event.  Cody is looking into this.  Nathan- ask a worst case scenario can we get some kind of stage covering.

    • Youth Dorms- The jugheads contacted the rep and purdue and contacted them and the venue found out that youth were in attendance.  They have a strick policy of youth being in a separate wing.  We have not yet rented these dorm.  Two options- working on a hotel room in a nearby or somehow in the rooms.  Cody is looking into this and we will figure out alternatives.

    • Early Bird Ticket Sales – Feb. 15 – 28th – Spread the word!

    • Performers- coming along pretty well for performers. Opening show we are looking for performers in that region.  Maybe Scott knows someone in that region. Nathan will look into it.

  • 2015 Festival Updates – Lloyd

    • not much to report.  Vero and Lloyd has been in touch.  Sent her the same letter of agreement that was sent to Cody for 2014. Complicated is that because the finances need to be held in canada.  We need two contracts one with Turbo and one with Vero.   We need to have a legal agreement with Turbo because they are seeking grants on behalf of IJA.

  • 2012 Festival DVD Contract Concerns – Nathan

    • on oct 23 rd 2012 we entered into a contract with taylor glenn to produce the 2012 video release.  She would be paid 1,000 for her services, within a 90 day time frame barring any IJA interference.  Dave Pawson signed this.  In july 2013 the video was not complete.  In the contract it says that taylor is to be docked financially until the video is delivered.  Nathan got a hold of taylor in Jan of 2014 a little over a year from the deadline.  She has forfeited the entire fee.  Members think that we should lower her fee.   Nathan presented this to Taylor.  Taylor wrote back and was upset and indignant. She is upset with the IJA and most likely will not be a part of the IJA in the Future.

    • Discussion- She has done other free video work for the IJA.  She has done a lot of volunteer work for the video.  She also did the world juggling video late. $500 was offered to her for her work.   Did the IJA cause the delay that froze her time frame.  Erin will talk to her and see what she says.

  • 2013 Festival DVD – Nathan

    • Communicating with the video editor, whose name is Pablo.  Pablo likes the contract and is ready to proceed.  Nathan signed it and made a few small adjustments and sent it. Sent an inquiry to Jago to figure out how to transfer footage.   So it will need to be put on a drive.   Waiting on pablo for some more info on sending the media.

  • Scott Seltzer doing IJA promotion and eJuggle coverage at EJC – Erin

    • Scott said in the ezine.  He is interested in doing coverage at EJC for Ejuggle. Producing videos to cross promote for EJC and IJA.  Having a booth at EJC.   Scott talked to EJA and obtained a press package.  He is asking the IJA for the budget from the eJuggle budget.  Wanted 600 total. Lloyd, Noel, Erin and Nathan all agree its a great idea.

  • Bookkeeper discussion – Nathan

    • Review the Job Description Nathan has created.

    • Recruitment plan – ready to go. Ready to move forward ASAP.

    • Dates/Deadlines- looking to be ready by March 1st.  No taxes will be done by then.   Try to have someone for the position by March 15th. Holly is supportive of the process and possibly willing to help research the new candidate.  Applications in by the 1st of March.  Person in place for the position by first of April.

    • Discussion:  No one is lined up for the position. There is no free festival package or housing in new version. Lloyd can deal with the responses to the submissions and pass them onto the board.

  • FB Photo Contest – Kyle

    • It started on the 1st and now Kyle is busy with new job. Does not have as much time to promote.  Deadlines for submission is Feb 8th.  Marketing via facebook.  Voting is from the 9th-13th of feb.  The winner gets a free festival package.  Spread the word.

  • IRC Mexico and Peru – Erin

    • Periplo is planning on doing another IRC. Trying to change the flying to the states as prize to prize money.  IJA will pay 300 USD for the awards.

    • Peru would like to host one and wanted it in april but it is too soon.  Working on more for the future

3. Confirm February 16, 5:30pm PST for next board meeting.

4. Adjourn

Noel made the motion to adjourn the meeting at 6:28 pm PST.
Vote:  Motion Passes

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