Board Meeting – January 19, 2014


Business Board Meeting January 19, 2014
5:30pm Pacific Time
Call In Information:
Toll-Free Dial-In Number: 1.800.977.8002
Participant Conference Code: 189209#


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1. Call to Order
Chair, Erin Stephens, called the meeting to order at  535 PM  PST.


2. Roll


Present: Jared Davis, Kyle Johnson, Erin Stephens (chair), Noel Yee, Mike Sullivan (future festival), Cody Fiereck (2014 festival director), Martin Frost (communications), Nathan Wakefield,


Absent: Lloyd Timberlake, Scott Krause, Martin Frost.


3. Approval of Agenda


Motion:    Kyle Johnson
Second by: Noel Yee
Discussion: none
Vote: passes


4. Approval of Minutes:

December 8, 2013
Motion: Kyle Johnson
Second: Jared Davis
Discussion: none
Vote:  passes

December 22, 2013


Motion:  Kyle Johnson
Second: Jared Davis
Discussion:  none
Vote: passes

4. Reports (Please keep verbal reports to 5 min or less)

2014 IJA Festival (Cody Fiereck)


Discussion: Cody says things are going well and that he’s hoping to start ticket sales soon.  Flyers were recently printed.  Cody is in touch with some locals in the Purdue area.

Core team expense discussion: Mike says that we came from a few years where there were no comps.  Not even the festival director.  Mike doesn’t know that there’s a precedent for some group of people to get a comp when others are not comped.  Jared agrees with Mike.


Cody and Erin resolve to discuss this in a separate 2014 festival core team (?) meeting.


We’d love to have someone organize a parade (such as the local club) as well as the open stage(s).

2015 IJA Festival Quebec Report (Noel Yee)


Discussion: Noel visited the site during TurboFest (as mentioned in his report linked above).

Future Festival Planning (Mike Sullivan)


Discussion: Mike wrote a great report about future festival locations in the link above.  Among the sites listed: Lincoln, Nebraska, El Paso, Texas, among others for 2016 on.

YEP Report (Ellen Winters)

Discussion:  The YEP meeting will be next week.

Marketing (Kyle Johnson)


Discussion:  Yay, Kyle!

Membership (Marilyn Sullivan)


Discussion: Our numbers appear to be up a bit again.  With early bird festival ticket sales next month, we should see our numbers go up some more.


Financial Report (Scott Krause)




5. Motions for Consideration

A.  Motion to make the following changes to the IJA Pre-Election and Election Regulations:

In the “Mail-in Ballot” section, delete the first two paragraphs,


 which read:


   The mail-in ballot shall be sent to all members whose memberships are current as of the mailing label deadline for the May/June issue of JUGGLE magazine (approximately April 10 each year). This ballot shall be accompanied by candidates’ statements as described above. Note that receipt of a ballot does not automatically entitle a member to vote. See Voting Considerations, below.

The Chief Teller shall cause the mail-in ballot and accompanying candidates’ statements to be distributed with the May/June issue of JUGGLE Magazine. Should the publication of the magazine be unduly delayed, or the ballot not be included with the magazine for any reason whatever, the Chief Teller shall cause the ballot to be sent to all eligible members by first-class mail not later than June 1.

Replace the “Voting Number” section (currently two paragraphs) with this text:

The Chief Teller shall cause each IJA member to be assigned a unique, randomly generated decimal number of at least seven digits (“the voting number”), with the exception that family members who share an IJA membership may also share the same voting number.


The Chief Teller shall ensure that an email message is sent to the main email address, if any, associated with each membership, with such email message containing the membership’s voting number along with directions for mail-in voting.

Until the completion of the election, the mapping between voting numbers and memberships shall be made available only to the Chief Teller and those persons unavoidably involved in the numbers’ generation, distribution to members, and use in voting. Voting numbers shall be safeguarded to the maximum extent possible.

The Chief Teller shall put in place a mechanism allowing members to request their voting numbers. This mechanism shall be advertised with the mail-in ballots and on the nominations page. Any member eligible to vote shall be provided with a voting number after having satisfied the Chief Teller as to his or her identity. The Chief Teller shall maintain a record of all distributed voting numbers.


Motion: Jared Davis
Second: Kyle Johnson
Discussion: We are updating the voting process since we no longer have JUGGLE magazine.  Martin helped put this together.
Vote: Motion passes


B. Motion to approve the 2014 Operating Budget.
Motion: Jared Davis
Second: Noel Yee
Vote: Motion passes


C.  Motion to approve Championships rule changes for 2014.
Motion: Kyle Johnson
Second: Jared Davis
Discussion: Jack Kalvan and Viveca discussed changes.
Vote:  Motion passes


D.  Motion to approve 2013 DVD contract – to be signed by Pablo Leon Olea.
Motion: Jared Davis
Second: Kyle Johnson
Discussion: Nathan mentions working with Pablo.  Nathan suggests comping Pablo an IJA membership as a sign of goodwill and so that he can get a feel for our videos.
Vote: Motion passes


E. Motion to approve 2014 Award Nominees.
Motion:Jared Davis
Second:Kyle Johnson
Discussion: Erin suggests next year the awards nomination process have a deadline earlier in the year so that the award nominees can be invited to perform at the festival.


Vote: Motion passes

6. Varia:


A. Website discussion. We tentatively plan to discuss this at the meetings next month.


B. Deadline for Board Nominations is May 15th.  Create plan for promotion and there will be 4 openings this year.  Discussion regarding online voting.


C. Review updated IJA Logo suggestion from Jason Horst.


D. Discuss plan for Bookkeeper replacement.

7. Set February Meetings


Sunday,February 2nd at 530 PM PST
Sunday February 16th at 530 PM PST

8. Adjournment


Motion to adjourn: Kyle Johnson
Discuss: None
Voting: Motion passes at 6:59 PM PST