Board Meeting – March 21st, 2016

  1. Call to Order

Chair, Nathan Wakefield, called the meeting to order at: 7:36PM pm EDT

2. Roll: Nathan Wakefield, Louie Skaradek, Bob Neuman, Noel Yee, Marvin Ong, Shivella Schwab, Mike Sullivan, Afton Benson, Erin Stephens, Martin Frost, Jim Maxwell


Absent: Afton Benson, Erin Stephens

  1. Approval of Agenda

Motion: shivella

Second by: louie


Vote: Passes unanimously.

4. Approval of Minutes:

February 15th, 2016

Motion: Shivella

Second: Bob


Vote: Passes unamimously.

  1. Reports (Please keep verbal reports to 5 min or less except for festival and future festival discussion)

Financial Report (Afton Benson)

Discussion: None.

2016 IIJA Festival Report (Jim Maxwell)-

Discussion: Pres-sale numbers are less than what was budgeted. For brunch the number of meals has to be submitted before event (buffet), up to 10% more will be available and will be charged. Discussion over how to check for entrance. Wrist band seems the most convenient. Jim will ask/confirm the latest time we are able to change/update the number of brunch folks. Polling registrants to see who may anticipate going to brunch.    Questions over if we are under the $25k amount, is the festival still able to keep the balance. If the money should be put in the savings account, or able to be spent on festival. Brunch- no take-out. The Camino Royale ( Hotel that is being considered for brunch) is only a block from the convention center. Mike- we bought a membership management system. The board decided that only members are able to register for the members. The issue of non members could be solved if the board decides/allows for non members to register by putting a higher price on the event registration. Bob- one issue is the process is not convenient ( 2 -step process) and the other issue is giving some incentive for non members to join. Nathan- issue of having non members is folks that are not able, or permitted to become (banned) members now going to the festival will be a loophole to that policy. Jim- because the process is not simple, we are potentially losing membership and festival attendees. Louie-10-12 folks with an issue is still not too much. Get Smart group may be able to streamline the process.

Marketing (Erin Stephens)

Discussion: Erin is doing a great job. Jim- what is the impact of the social media-does it translate to growing membership? Marvin- this is an introduction/ long process to get folks interested in juggling to getting folks to commit to paying to an event. Bob- It’s great to have the videos, we are still having an issue of having folks watching the video. Nathan: it may be worth talking Erin to have it in the newsletter as well.

YJA (Ellen Winters)


eJuggle Report (Scott Seltzer)


Membership (Marilyn Sullivan)

Discussion: Membership boost, as is expected prior to the festival. There is a boost before the festival early bird opened.

IRC (Erin Stephens)


Future Festival Planning (Mike Sullivan)

Discussion: 2019 festival leads will start working into over the summer.

  1. Motions for Consideration

    A. Motion to appoint Jared Davis to the vacant Board position.

Motion: Louie


Discussion: Nathan- Jared has volunteered to fill-in until July.

Vote:  Motion passes

B. Motion: Pending availability through the IJA’s insurance agent, group insurance can be purchased or renewed annually by an IJA Affiliate through the IJA insurance agent at the IJA rate, provided that at the time of purchase and renewal the Affiliate’s membership includes 5 or more current IJA members who have indicated through their IJA logins that they are members of the Affiliate. For purposes of confirming Affiliate eligibility for IJA insurance rates, an IJA member cannot be listed in their IJA login as a member of more than one Affiliate in a given calendar year.

Motion: Bob

Second: Louie

Discussion: Jim-requests from affiliates for club insurance. Clubs are having difficulty finding meeting space insurance. Affiliate clubs need an affordable option for weekly meeting spaces. A club policy is able to be had by clubs. Certificate of insurance also included. 5 IJA members for the policy to have the affiliate insurance. The affiliate program needs to be revisited, but this insurance is to fill the need/request for those clubs to have/purchase insurance.

Vote: Motion passes


  1. Varia:
  1. Lucas Cup Repair – a vendor needs to be found to repair, help rebuild. Jim and Shivella will look for vendor assistance. Bob- suggestion to just get a new Lucas cup.
  2. Mike Sullivan would like to inform the Board that this will be my last year as Festival Registrar and on-site operations manager. I would urge the Board to find interested Members who would like to take on the roles for future fests and ask them to get with me to start their training on-site at this year’s festival in El Paso.
  1. Set April Meetings

Next Vision Planning Meeting – April __4___ 7:30 pm ET.

Next Board Meeting – April _25____ 7:30 pm ET.

  1. Adjournment

Motion to adjourn: shivella


Voting:  Unanimously approved.

Meeting adjourned at __9:17____ pm ET.