Business Board Meeting January 15, 2023

1. Call to Order

Chair, Aslynne Howes, called the meeting to order at 6:36  pm Eastern

2. Roll

Present: Benjamin, Noel, Sofia, Exuro, Afton, Aslynne

Absent: Niels, Amy, Ross

Recorder: Noel


3. Approval of Agenda

Motion: Benjamin 

Second by: Sofia 

Discussion: Adding to the end of the agenda the executive session. 

Vote: Unanimously Approved 

4. Approval of Minutes: 

Business Board Meeting (LINK)

Motion: Noel 

Second: Benjamin 


Vote: Unanimously Approved


5. Reports 

Please keep verbal reports to 5 min or less except for festival discussion.


2023 Festival Report (Exuro Piechocki)


The site visit with Mike was awesome. Exuro is excited about south bend and many things that are good about south bend. Pluses, the convention center layout. All the rooms enter into one central space. There is a theater in the center with 600-700 seats. Planning on using it over the course of the festival. There is also a tiny theater with around 100 seats, which will be good for presentation based workshops. Room rate is cheaper than in the past few years. On contracts with the hotels, initially we were going to use meeting max to book hotels. This was written into the contract and MM charges 5 USD per room night. Hotels were going to cover the cost. Now that we run this system we will make some additional money based on contract. 

Morris theater seats 1000? People. Staff was friendly. They wanted to work with us on all projects. Large ballroom space attached to the Morris. Possibly do Renegade there. NIck, south bend representative, is looking to get us a free night at the venue.  They have events around the site. Lots of busking opportunities around the venue. Questions about how people receive pitches. 

St. Joseph high school will be used for juggling. It’s a short walk or there are buses available. The County Library will be the benefit show. Jumbotron baseball advertisements may be offered to help hype the festival. Fireworks show could also be paired with fire spinners. As a part of our rental we have a brick pavilion in the river and we can have fire spinning nights.Comping tickets does not cost the IJA a lot. Roughly around .75 cents. Traveling from South Bend seems to work fine. It may not be accessible for somebody with access. Train does drop you off at the airport and you will have to take a shuttle to the hotel. 

Navigate to the week of July 17-23 to see relevant events on this calendar.


Financial Report (Afton Benson)



Future Festival Site Report (Craig Lewis)



eJuggle Report (Scott Seltzer)



Membership (Marilyn Sullivan)
Membership Data



Marketing Report (Matan Presberg)



IRC Report (Erin Stephens)



YJA Report (Benjamin Domask-Ruh)

Discussion:  A motion will need to be made and then approved by the board for one of these proposals.


OpsO Report (Scott Steiskal)

Discussion:  Afton: Scott will be puting together reports soon


6. Motions for Consideration


7. Varia:


Executive session motion

Motion to enter executive session

Motion: Sofia

Second: Benjamin


8. Confirm Next Meeting

Next meetings will take place on…

for the next vision meeting

for the next business meeting


9. Adjournment

Meeting adjourned at 7:45pm Eastern. 


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