Business Board Meeting January 20th, 2021

1. Call to Order

Chair, Mike Moore, called the meeting to order at: 7:51 pm EST

2. Roll

Present: Eric Shibuya, Aslynne Howes, Afton Benson, Ross Berenson, Amy Wieliczka, Mike Moore, Martin Frost

Absent: Chris Garcia, Scott Steiskal, Matan Preseberg

Recorder: Eric


3. Approval of Agenda

Motion: Eric

Second by: Aslynne

[Chris joins the call at 7:54]

[Matan joins at 7:56]


Vote: Passes unanimously

4. Approval of Minutes: 

Business Board Meeting (LINK)

Motion: Aslynne

Second: Eric


Vote: Passes unanimously


5. Reports 

Please keep verbal reports to 5 min or less except for festival discussion.


2021 e-Festival Report (Ross Berenson)

Discussion: Making good progress 

Have workshop coordinator, Eric Shibuya coordinating raffle

Taking advantage of online format, workshops around the clock (Europe, Japan, all over!)

  • Youth showcase
  • Merch profit shares
  • Masterclass

Eric: have you talked to our international liaison

Ross: Nope, please send those along

Eric will (SENT)

Amy: Do you know what platform we’ll use for workshops?
Ross: Not yet
Amy: Some can stream directly to FB/Youtube
Mike: Some can real-time translate


Financial Report (Afton Benson)

Discussion: Looking to break down general operating budget from separate projects, taking longer than expected. 


Future Festival Site Report (Mike Sullivan)



eJuggle Report (Scott Seltzer)(new as of Mon night)

Discussion: Budget numbers not entered for December yet


Membership (Marilyn Sullivan)
Membership Data

Discussion: Chris: Can I get a list of active members to send information for the virtual hangout?

Mike: will do so. 


Marketing Report (Erin Stephens/Matan Presberg)

Discussion: Shifted posting days, making them more consistent.  Posting eJuggle content on FB which seems to have drummed up traffic

Matan is the marketing director for the online fest

Communicated with Paris for marketing ideas, details to come

Martin: Wants eJuggle analytics

Amy: Can get information for each individual Ejuggle article (by URL), but need further analysis for Ejuggle in totality. 

Martin: Okay, please allow me access so I can do that

Matan: Please add me as well


IRC Report (Erin Stephens)


Matan: Will discuss with Erin and get thoughts on 2021 for next meeting


YJA Report (Galen Harp)



6. Motions for Consideration

A: Motion to approve the 2021 IJA Festival Budget

Author: Afton Benson
Motion: Matan


Mike M – How do those masterclass enrollment numbers compare to in-person ones at previous IJAs and (others’) current online masterclass enrollment numbers?

Ross: cannot really compare to in-person experience, and only one online festival to compare. Should go beyond simply “workshops” but with very in-depth concepts and teaching. Plans to have classes on performing, business advice, etc,. ($100 per class for non-IJA members, $75 for IJA members). Instructors will be paid, plan is to hold recording until after fest (recognizing that recordings will probably make their way out into the wild). Potential instructors are being discussed, but not yet contacted. Goal for each masterclass is to get 100 attendees. 

Amy: Need to give vocal cues/MC mentions for donation links. Did not happen during 2020 Flow Show and we received no donations from the only visual cue with the link up. 

Eric: Can we add a budget line for potential postage costs for shipping raffle prizes internationally?

Afton: $400 for shipping max?

Afton: Yes

Eric: Sounds right, this year I spent $60

Eric: Amendment: Please add $400 for international raffle shipping, so the Motion reads:

Motion to approve the 2021 IJA Festival Budget with the addition of $400 for international shipping for raffle prize winners

Motion: Eric
Second: Matan

Discussion: None

Result: Passes unanimously

Vote :
In favour:
Oppose : None
Abstain : None
Result :  Passes unanimously


B: Motion to…

Author :
Motion :
Second : 

Discussion : 


Vote :
In favour:
Oppose :
Abstain :
Result : 


7. Varia:


DEI Discussion (Afton) (new as of Mon night)

Afton: proposes the formation of a committee, could probably find someone she has worked with before to train the Board (and officers?) on these issues. (Mike asked for cost for the training, Afton is checking on this, her contact did not respond as yet, general ballpark: $100-500)

Original proposal:

Afton’s feedback: 


Scott: It would be great to have guidelines to point to for when there are violations of them


Matan: posting on social media would be harder if posts need pre-approval, but does want social media in these discussions


Afton: Yes, absolutely. Guidelines should make this easier, but we also do understand that mistakes will be made. 


Aslynne: Have those whose posts have been removed (especially for cultural differences) understand why their posts were removed?


Afton: We do have to recognize cultural differences, but we also need to recognize the culture of the IJA


GSuite Transition (Mike M)

I exchanged emails with Mike Sullivan, who told me that it’s unlikely this will proceed.  The donor has become uncommunicated and other attempted avenues have fallen through.


Amy [5:36]: I can look into GSuite for nonprofits, if it still stands that the board would like to move to GSuite (Personally I think this would be very helpful for our document management.) 


IJA Archives (Thom Wall) (added by Chris during meeting)

“Hey, Boardplus folks —


Bill Giduz, former Juggler’s World editor and IJA photographer for

many years and IJA life member #1, has some IJA archival material

including negatives that he’d like to hand off to the IJA.


Perhaps the negatives could be digitized by someone with plenty of

spare time.  And the other archives should probably join the IJA

archives at David Cain’s place (if he’s willing).




Mike:  I have put Debby and Bill in contact with each other to work out the details between themselves so it’s no longer a concern.

8. Confirm Next Meeting

Next meetings will take place on…

February 3rd at 7:45 EST for the next vision meeting

February 17th 7:45 EST for the next business meeting


9. Adjournment

Meeting adjourned at 9:09 pm EST. 

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