Business Board Meeting May 18th, 2021

1. Call to Order

Chair, Aslynne Howes, called the meeting to order at: 9:02 pm EDT

2. Roll

Present: Matan Presberg, Mike Moore, Chris Garcia, Erin Stephens, Ross Berenson, Martin Frost, Aslynne Howes

Absent: Amy Wieliczka, Eric Shibuya, Scott Steiskal

Recorder: Matan


3. Approval of Agenda

Motion: Mike Moore

Second by: Matan Presberg


Vote: passes unanimously

4. Approval of Minutes: 

Business Board Meeting (LINK)

Last month’s: 

Motion: Matan Presberg

Second: Mike Moore


Vote: passes unanimously


5. Reports 

Please keep verbal reports to 5 min or less except for festival discussion.


2021 e-Festival Report (Ross Berenson)

Discussion: Website is ready for soft launch –, waiting for content from championships before official launch.


Show directors reaching out to performers, a number of signed contracts have come back. All contracts for master classes (4, hopefully 5) have gone out (all with verbal agreement). People are starting to be contacted for moderation and panels.

Everyone is excited about the direction of masterclasses. 

Marketing has released the event, current plan is to make sure people are connected to the facebook page 

Raffle Update: Sean Gandini and Kati offered up a signed copy of _Trajectories_ and a copy of Siteswaps/Social Siteswaps (winner’s choice). I’m going to leave them as a bundle, I think. Taylor Glenn will also be donating from her store.

Raffle is building, haven’t heard from everyone I’ve contacted yet

Chris: Will there be virtual hangouts during the festival? Will need times locked in and mods. 

Ross: After shows will probably be ideal for timing. Main events have been moved to 8pm ET instead of 4pm ET as last year to cater to American demographics. So hangouts probably ~10:00pm ET.

[Scott Steiskal joined the call at 9:14EDT]


Mike: was there discussion about different regions ‘taking over’ the festival for different times?

Ross: yes! This is for workshops, workshop coordinators working on workshops across timezones.


Board members please reply to When is good for AGM.


Financial Report (Afton Benson)

Discussion: Dennis has been a bit slow to reply though he has gotten me answers to most things. I’ve followed up on our 990 which isn’t due until July and asked him to get me updated numbers monthly again.
With no festivals and no IRCs the IJA doesn’t really spend a lot of money on a monthly basis so not much has changed. 


Future Festival Site Report (Mike Sullivan)



Membership (Marilyn Sullivan)
Membership Data



Marketing Report (Erin Stephens/Matan Presberg)


Has been going smoothly, been marketing board-related things.  Getting clicks from IG account to the links.  Sara Noelle has done her first post as part of the marketing team.

Launched promotion for World Juggling Day today.

IRC Report (Erin Stephens – Updated just before meeting)

Discussion: Starting to get performers for IRC Show for IJA Festival this year.

One of the previous goals was to have the World Championships next month, but of course that has been postponed. Looking to reevaluate the program and figure out how to rebuild in a direction that makes sense for everyone.

Proposing restarting the program with IRC Afghanistan this August.

Mike: what is the status of the donors? 

Erin: UnaMed has been a major donor, last we heard was that they paid what they promised for 2020, but 2021 was up in the air due to global economic considerations. Need to check back with them.


Martin: Did we save any money due to cancelling IRCs?

Erin: yes, did not spend money for IRCs that didn’t happen, still have that budget.

Erin: Held building international community panel last year, with contacts from IRCs. Paris has asked for a part 2 of this panel to happen again this year. 


Mike: What is the status of covid considerations in Afghanistan?

Erin: Last checked, everything is pretty open and there are few cases, but should check in again.

Martin: vaccine situation?

Erin: Pretty sure they have none.

Mike: Afghanistan total cases per million is quite low, about 1/60th the rate of the US. Current cases per million is 100x lower in Afghanistan than US, 

Chris: will they have the festival regardless? Erin: yes

Chris: any potential legal implications if there is an outbreak? 

Erin: potentially concerned in the US, but not in Afghanistan based on the existing legal system.


Erin: Luca Pferdmenges travelled to Afghanistan and Erin helped out a lot due to her experience with the local community and area. All the videos from the trip were awesome, and got quite popular. Rabia, one of the local jugglers, made the top 40 list last year even! 

YJA Report (Galen Harp)



OpsO Report (Scott Steiskal)


Scott: Will be adding World Juggling Day t-shirts to the Tee Spring store as soon as possible (very soon, hopefully within 24 hours).

Martin: Can you share the store link to be included in the eNewsletter?


6. Motions for Consideration

A: Motion to Approve prizes for IJA Championships Teams

Author: Afton Benson (Added 5/18/21 at 8:34 CDT)

Motion: Matan Presberg

Second: Mike Moore


When we budgeted and what not we didn’t do teams so we just wanted to get the okay from the board. It’ll run on the same system as previously. If they don’t come to the 2022 festival we won’t be paying any prize in cash. 

First place teams: Up to four 2022 IJA festival packages + $300 total travel reimbursement to attend the festival

Second place teams: Up to four 2022 IJA festival packages + $150 total travel reimbursement to attend the festival

Third third place teams: Up to four 2022 IJA festival packages 

*Festival packages are available only to competitors, for example if a team has 2 people only 2 packages will be awarded.*

Aslynne: clarifies that these prizes will be awarded for the 2021 IJA Championships 

Ross: IJA Individuals prizes are similar, but lower numbers because it is for individuals.


Previously discussed budget: 

(approved in Jan: )


Vote :
In favour:
Oppose :
Abstain :
Result : passes unanimously


B: Motion to Approve Hosting the IRC South Asia in Afghanistan in August 2021 (Proposal)

Author:  Erin Stephens (Added 5/18/21 at 5:40 PDT)

Motion: Mike Moore

Second: Matan Presberg


[Ross leaves the call 9:45 EDT]

Mike: What is the 15,000 subscriber newsletter mentioned?

Erin: MMCC has large newsletter reaching they’ve been building for over a decade


Martin: What are the costs?

Erin: Main cost is the flight, which is very variable depending on the details. Some other small standard IRC costs.


Chris: When does this need to be approved by?

Erin: ideally as soon as possible, for marketing and promotion, and enough advance warning for competitors.

Erin: Luca Pferdmenges may be joining in Afghanistan for the IRC

Chris: If the capacity is 400, does that adhere to social distancing?

Erin: This was copied from last year, might need lower capacity to deal with covid restrictions.

Chris: Are they charging for the show?

Erin: No, free show.

Chris: Will they provide videos and photos from the event? Erin: yes!

Vote :
In favour:
Oppose :
Abstain :
Result : passes unanimously

[Erin leaves the call at 9:56pm EDT]

7. Varia:

IJA Collab Video for Pride [Chris Garcia]

We have only had 6 submissions for the collaboration video, and I don’t think people have had enough time to submit. The deadline to submit has passed last sunday, but I would like to announce a new deadline for mid-june, and editing time for the editor to have a video to release by end-of-june.

Mike: How about deadline being end of May? If someone is submitting based on eNewsletter, they would have done so already.




Martin: suggests June 3 for accepting submissions deadline so it can go in the eNewletter at the end of the month and including editing time


Chris: we need a contract stating that the editor will only be paid after the video is completed


Matan (added 5/18 6:20pm EST): How do Vendor Discount Program discount codes get communicated to members? 


Matan:  The website indicates the link on the IJA website will go directly to the discount codes, however that’s not what I found.


Martin:  One website page is for the members and the other is for the public.  The page for the members should have the links to the discount.  It requires the logo and the link sent to Martin/Ian.  Another vendor also inquired about being added to the Vendor page.


8. Confirm Next Meeting

Next meetings will take place on…

June 8 9:00 pm EDT for the next vision meeting 

June 15 9:00 pm EDT for the next business meeting 


9. Adjournment

Meeting adjourned at 10:34pm EDT. 

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