Business Board Meeting May 22, 2022

1. Call to Order

Chair, Aslynne Howes, called the meeting to order at 7:04  pm Eastern

2. Roll

Present: Matan, Chris, Benjamin, Afton, Martin, Aslynne

Absent: Amy, Scott, and Niels

Recorder: Matan


3. Approval of Agenda

Motion: Benjamin

Second by: Matan


Topic for varia we might need a motion for – not a problem for approving the agenda.

Vote: passes unanimously

4. Approval of Minutes: 

April Business Board Meeting (LINK)

Motion: Benjamin

Second: Chris


Vote: passes unanimously


5. Reports 

Please keep verbal reports to 5 min or less except for festival discussion.


2022 Festival Report (Afton Benson)

Discussion: Report added 5.22.22 1:15 pm CST

Martin: will Jay Ko be filming at the festival

Afton: yes!

Martin: should we solicit volunteers to teach juggling on Tuesday (as discussed in report) morning in the eNewsletter?

Afton: let me follow up but probably!



Financial Report (Afton Benson)

Discussion: Report added 5.22.22 1:15 pm CST

Aslynne: (responding to ? about what people want to see in these reports) – comparison against previous year would be helpful

Martin: cash position of IJA would be great to see in the reports

Benjamin: what are ‘communications – other’ Afton: eJuggle

Benjamin: what are ‘communication – professional services’ Afton: Dennis Treasurer services

More general discussion of naming conventions of P&L line items


Future Festival Site Report (Craig Lewis)



eJuggle Report (Scott Seltzer)



Membership (Marilyn Sullivan)
Membership Data


Martin: Added missing Life Member family members, causing an increase in membership numbers (life members can add family members at no extra cost)


Aslynne: email came in that someone is interested in membership director to take over Marilyn’s position (who is interested in stepping down)


Martin: concerned we advertised membership director position as too low commitment


Marketing Report (Matan Presberg)


Matan: 12 posts/22 days, short of goal of 1/day.  Call in enewsletter for marketing help.  Demand increases as we get closer to the festival for short video editors. 


Afton: can we put out an extra newsletter for the festival asap?

Martin: yes – if you send me the content


IRC Report (Erin Stephens)


Afton: IRC Mexico happened right? Was hoping for a report, but saw that it happened on Social Media

Benjamin: in general, officers are not required at these meetings right?

Aslynne: correct! Not required, and often difficult for officers like Erin who are in a very different time zone and the meeting times can be prohibitive.


YJA Report (Benjamin Domask-Ruh)

YJA Report May 22, 2022


Afton: re: connection with AYCO – Galen went to one AYCO convention


Martin: some places we say badges, some buttons, what’s the deal?

Afton: probably a cultural thing! Some places use badges, some buttons.

Martin: I think they should be consistently called badges, to denote the idea of achievement, whereas button doesn’t have that.

Benjamin: can we update the website?

Martin: yes! I can do that

Chris: someone reached out during the collab last year wanting help getting started teaching juggling in India, could be a good potential contact. (connection underway, emails have been forwarded)

Conversation about reference letters for this contact agreed to be taken offline.

OpsO Report (Scott Steiskal)




  1. After confirming the existing budget with Afton i took action to get a world juggling day t-shirt designed. It is available on teespring now. I will get pictures to marketing.


Link is here:


Martin, I will have a blurb on that for the newsletter by Friday.


  1. We have someone expressing interest. I am reaching out and opening a discussion, I will take the communication from here and cc Aslynne.



Afton: ‘expressing interest’ almost definitely refers to membership director.

Benjamin: can we get the WJD logo on a ‘premium tank top’?

Afton: yes, just shoot Scott a message and he can add it easily.


6. Motions for Consideration

  1. Motion to appoint Exuro as 2023 festival director.

Author: Scott Steiskal

Motion: Matan

Second: Benjamin


Aslynne: we’ll discuss candidates and then amend the motion

Chris: expresses interest in all board members being able to express their opinions

Aslynne: heard from Niels and Scott on their opinions, both leaning in the same direction towards Exuro

Aslynne: liked direction Exuro is looking to take the festival in, especially the DEI team.

Matan: Exuro has been talking about his current actions towards the festival and has a lot of the necessary team in place, Jared doesn’t sound like he’s covered as much ground, but his passion for the project is definitely a positive.

Benjamin: Exuro’s statement about connection to the festival site feels strong, in addition to things previously stated.

Matan: let’s move forward with voting

Chris: what were people asked to submit for their candidacy statement?

Afton reads what went out in the newsletter

Aslynne: Scott received this from Jared back in November prior to anything going out in the eNewsletter.

Chris: expresses concern that Jared didn’t understand what we were looking for

Aslynne: what do you think the main push for each candidate is?

Chris: passion for the project and excitement would make Jared a strong candidate, excited to hear more about the specific ideas. Agrees with previous statements about Exuro.

Benjamin: both of these candidates were board members right?


Aslynne: both candidates had the same opportunities to submit information to the board

Matan:  Exuro is interested in 2023 specifically, and that’s really appealing


Matan: motion to amend the motion to read ‘Motion to appoint Exuro as 2023 festival director’

Benjamin: seconds


Vote: passes unanimously



In favor: Matan, Benjamin, Aslynne


Abstain: Chris

Result: motion passes


7. Varia:

Extension of board nomination deadline?

Changing size of board?

Martin:  We have 3 nominations, but 4 open seats.  The highest number of write-ins would get the last seat

Matan:  are they on the board, or are they then invited?

Martin/Afton:  They would be extended the invitation and if they accept, they would be on the board.  The board can fill an empty seat with whoever they want.  If there’s a write-in, they would be considered elected to the board.

Afton:  can we push the deadline until June 15th?

Aslynne: happy to push the deadline 

Benjamin: agrees

Call will go out in the newsletter


Motion to extend the deadline until June 15th for board nominations

Author: Benjamin

Motion: Benjamin

Second: Matan



Vote: passes unanimously


8. Confirm Next Meeting

Next meetings will take place on…

June 19 for the next vision meeting 7:00pm ET

June 26 for the next business meeting 7:00pm ET


9. Adjournment

Meeting adjourned at 8:43 pm Eastern. 

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