Business Board Meeting Sunday September 18th, 2022

1. Call to Order

Chair, Aslynne Howes, called the meeting to order at 7:07  pm Eastern

2. Roll

Present: Benjamin D-R, Noel Yee, Afton Benson, Mike Sullivan, Martin Frost, Aslynne Howes

Absent: Niels Duinker Amy Wieliczka Ross Berenson Sofia Noethe

Recorder: Noel


3. Approval of Agenda

Motion: Benjamin

Second by: Noel


Vote: Approved

4. Approval of Minutes: 

Business Board Meeting (LINK)

Motion: Benjamin

Second:  Noel


Vote: Approved


5. Reports 

Please keep verbal reports to 5 min or less except for festival discussion.


2023 Festival Report (Exuro Piechocki)



Mike and Exuro have scheduled site visit from 4th-7th January 2023.

Noel – Lots of movement with booking shows, New Conformity is interested in joining, lots of leads, Taylor may participate in Welcome show, Gandini is a possibility

Exuro – Hoping to talk with everyone in the meeting about bringing the Gandini’s. When it is brought up members and jugglers are excited. The cost of bringing the Gandini’s is quite large. With negotiations and alternate gigs GJP could cost 16-38K. Exuro is in negotiations with them.  

[Sofia joins the call 7:47pm ET]


Financial Report (Afton Benson)

Discussion: I’ll get a detailed Financial report for the next board meeting. 

Noel: Asks Afton to walk through P&L 

2022 IJA Festival Final Report 


Future Festival Site Report (Craig Lewis)

Craig and Mike will be attending the Small Market Meetings Conference in Wichita, KS October 2-4. This is the “meeting for people who hold meetings” conference we attended in Green Bay in 2019 that led to booking both Green Bay (2024) and Evansville (2025).


We have solicited proposals from Fort Wayne (2026, seven years after our first visit) and Cedar Rapids (2027 – 80th Annual). We hope to receive bids comparable to our last selection for each city, but we will be prospecting for backup proposals for both years at SMMC. 


We’re hoping to find and book a third “gem” that we can add to a 5- to 7-year rotation of IJA destinations, giving us a reliable destination every other year while also visiting new cities in the alternate years.



Afton: Why is the conference important to attend? 

Mike: is looking for options for back up for these events. Both venues have expressed interest in us returning

Noel: Can we look further either East or West of Illinois?

Mike: Venues west or east will continue to cost more. 

Noel: Mike will you find two options each for west and east coast venues 

Martin: Members are interested in going to different places. 

Mike: Ideally would love 2-3 anchor cities and then rotate through different cities


eJuggle Report (Scott Seltzer)



Membership (Marilyn Sullivan)
Membership Data


Afton is a new lifetime member. 

Martin: Seems to be some inconsistency in calculating membership numbers. September doesn’t have new numbers. 


Marketing Report (Matan Presberg)


Afton: Matan was going to try to join the meeting but is deaing with an issue with spam in the FB group. Matan is needing multiple people on the team helping in different areas.


IRC Report (Erin Stephens)


Noel: Curious about IRC budget and if it is on track as accurate for 2023.


YJA Report (Benjamin Domask-Ruh)


Benjamin:   Nothing notable to discuss. 


OpsO Report (Scott Steiskal)



6. Motions for Consideration


  1. Motion to approve final payment for Afton Benson for the 2022 Festival Director role ***ADDED SUN 6:30 PM EST***

Author: Afton Benson

Second: Aslynne


Thank you, Afton for all your hard work!!

Vote: Unanimously Approved 

  1. Motion to stop recording meetings.

Author: Aslynne Howes

Motion: Benjamin
Second: Sofia 

Discussion: We have been advised to stop recording meetings. 

Vote: Unanimously Approved 


7. Varia:


8. Confirm Next Meeting

Next meetings will take place on…

October 2 at 6:30pm ET for the next vision meeting

October 16, at 6:30pm ET for the next business meeting


9. Adjournment

Meeting adjourned at 8:08 pm Eastern. 

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