Vision Board Meeting May 11th, 2021

  1. Call to Order
    Chair Mike Moore called the meeting to order at: 9:04 PM EDT

    Roll call: Afton Benson, Bill Barr, Eric Shibuya, Aslynne Howes, Chris Garcia, Scott Steiskal, Mike Moore, Matan Presberg

Absent: Amy Wieliczka


Recorder: Eric



  1. Discussions:


2020-2021 Board Member Initiatives and Projects (New Topics at the bottom.)


Festival Outreach (All): 

Update: — Eric: For IJA raffle, let me know if you’ve reached out to any new vendors and put them in touch with me


Youth Juggling Academy (Galen)

Update: —


IRCs (Erin)
Update: —


eJuggle Report (Aslynne)

Update: —


OpsO Report (Scott)

Update: — Looking into Redbubble,  a Teespring rival (offers wider variety of sizes and items to include a 25” duffle bag. Looking into the profit breakdown, etc,. 


Future Planning (All)


Afton: (Added 5/10/21 at 11:20 am CDT) Contracts!

Okay talked to an attorney Vlad Messing He is offering to do 5 contracts for $3,000 Which is pretty solid from what I’ve heard from other people. This is his nonprofit/friend rate. (Contracts would be performer/emcee/advanced workshops, Festival Director/IRC Director, and Ejuggle “contract.” Remaining two would be gym waiver and bylaw review)


Mike: on reviewing our bylaws, actually have standing offer from last year’s Parliamentarian to do said review.


Afton: We should go with the Parliamentarian. Would love to have template contracts for future events/performers/etc, done by late fall


[Matan joins 9:09pm]


Afton: (Added 5/10/21 at 1:00 PM CDT)

What day works for the Annual General Meeting? Last year we did Thursday 7 PM EDT. However, Championships is at 8pm EDT that day. It may be best to do the meeting on Saturday July 17, at 1pm EDT. Thoughts?


3. Motions for Consideration

A: Motion to appoint Aslynne Howes as IJA Chair.

Author : Mike Moore
Motion : Eric
Second : Scott


Abstain: Aslynne
Result: Motion passes


  1. Motion to approve the 2021 World Juggling Day budget.


Author: Scott

Motion: Aslynne

Second: Chris

Discussion: Via Josie’s budget: Is the WordPress plugin necessary? 

Mike: If Event Cal Pro isn’t necessary, would that money be spent elsewhere?
Afton: Budget is a draft, so if it’s not necessary it won’t be spent
Others: [general agreement]
Scott: Price in general is low


Results: Motion passes unanimously



Open Forum


Varying levels of master classes on certain topics (members-only topics)

Develop ongoing series of members-only master classes. 1. Preview (free to public), 2. IJA member (100% of videos for particular Master Class, ex: 3b Box/variations), 3. Interaction with instructor (akin to Patreon interaction). Last layer would be for IJA member + additional payment (with profit sharing between IJA and instructor)


Bill: Will need to have oversight for managing the entire masterclass program (translators, website issues, etc,)


Mike: Agree, need someone designated to do that. Also want to discuss timeline of “members-only exclusivity” having sunset clause, becoming public afterwards (video series, not instructor interaction). Might have to be discussed with each individual instructor.


Mike: “Master class” is not an open invitation, we are talking about the “best.” Real question is whether this will have traction, how many people would be willing to do a class, and how many would be willing to take it?  


Added by Chris G on 5/11/21: IJA Virtual Hangouts Update


Added by Chris G on 5/11/21: IJA Collab Updates

Editor applications:



Confirm May 18th at 9:00 pm Eastern for next board meeting.


Adjourn: 10:03 PM EDT

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