MR DISCO by Zak McAllister

MR DISCO is a 36 minute juggling project made by Zak McAllister. It includes ring contortion, club hopscotch, Rollercoaster Tycoon 2, “the oven routine,” tape-measures, cups, and over 150 new tricks and sequences! 6 years ago Zak created a Youtube account and entered the online juggling community for the first time. In those years he’s created a number of juggling videos, but he’s never finished an entire, full length juggling film. MR DISCO is the turning point in Zak’s video making lifespan, as he begins to shift focus less on fun short videos and more on bigger, more impactful projects. All of the juggling seen in this film was developed and researched in 2019. Everything shown is a new branch of juggling research Zak has been developing. So sit back, relax, and enjoy watching “MR DISCO.”



Watch the full video:




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