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The IJA’s crack team of volunteers has been working furiously for the past few months on the organization’s new ezine venture.  Focused on developing new content instead of adding bells and whistles, we’ve neglected other aspects of this ezine’s design.

As a result, the design of the site is presently fairly minimalistic – essentially conforming to the basic WordPress template. Of course, it won’t stay this way for long!  If you’re interested in improving the look and feel of the ezine, please consider donating your time and talents to the cause!  If you have design skills  or experience working on the web or with WordPress, volunteer some of your time to help! 

One of the first tasks we’d like to tackle is to come up with a name for the Ezine. The “IJA Ezine” can be improved upon, and that’s where everyone can help.  Write your suggestions in the comments, and we’ll have a vote in February*. The winner will get an IJA membership plus an IJA festival DVD set.  Prizes will also be awarded for Second and Third runner-up.

Please help make this the best ezine on the web!

* Subject also to approval of the IJA board.

Scott Seltzer

Scott Seltzer has been very active in the IJA and the juggling world for a very long time. He co-founded the IJDb, was a member of the JISCON, is on the team of IJC, and is involved in other acronyms with I's and J's in them. Scott is a semi-professional performer and lives in Israel with his two awesome daughters.

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  1. JugglEzine, Catch What You Throw Up, Catch This, IJAZine, Juggler News, Juggler Flash, Virtual Juggler, Juggle OnLine.

  2. A few suggestions,

    – Jugglers’ World Wide Web? (A play off Jugglers’ World, could be nice as a tag, not as the actual name)
    – Juggle 2.0
    – The Jugglers’ Times
    – The Jugglers’ Chronicle
    – Jugglers’ News
    – JuggleNews
    – Jugglers’ Feed (might be cool because one new feature of having an online publication is that there is communication in both directions, not just from the publication to the reader. Similar with a feed while passing in a way!)
    – jNews

    I’ll keep brainstorming and if anything else interesting pops into my head, I’ll post it.


  3. I think the name should be short, simple, to the point and easy to remember. It has to be something that you could tell to someone and have them remember it two hours later. So far my favorites are:


    I particularly the dual meaning of the word feed in JuggleFeed.

  4. Another few

    – Juggling Today
    – Juggle Daily
    – The Daily Juggle
    – Juggler Daily
    – Juggling Times

    I’ll keep ’em coming!

  5. Anti-gravity, Jugg life, Jugglings,or my personal fav – Mad skills juggle zine dot awesome..

  6. My entry is “The Toss Up” (although I wish I’d thought of “Catch” first…that one gets my vote!)

  7. Quantum Juggle
    Note: “quantum” can be synonymous with “share.” Quantum computers suggest the “physics of possibility” as does juggling. “Quantum” is also associated with change or transformation, which this ezine represents. Triple meaning, not in use already like quantum catch, etc.
    Orbitoss or Juggling Orbit

    1. Scott Seltzer Post
  8. I’d like to cast an anti-vote for iJuggle. I don’t like to discourage creativity and am very much in favor of not censoring brainstorming sessions, but in this case I want to say something. Here are the reasons I think we really shouldn’t go with that name.

    -There is an app for the iPhone called iJuggle. That could be really confusing.
    -It could imply an association with apple.
    -The only tie that the letter “i” has to the publication is that it is part of the IJA. Otherwise I don’t see how it is related.

    I think if we go that route, it would be better to use Ragatz’s and Braswell’s suggestion of eJuggle.

    Other suggestions I’ve really liked so far are “columns” and all of Don Lewis’ suggestions. I agree with you Scott, I think the publication needs a title that is succinct and memorable.

    Anyway, there’s my unsolicited two cents 🙂

  9. I also like eJuggle a lot because it suggests a transformation from the previous publication, Juggle. Nice, simple, easy to remember!


    1. I agree with Warren…eJuggle is pretty cool. The simpleness and continuity are nice.


  10. Great to see all the suggestions.

    I like JuggleFeed for its RSS and passing references, yet it’s direct and to the point. JuggleFeed also connotes that it’s feeding us food for (juggling) thought.

    eJuggle isn’t bad, though I like JuggleFeed better.

    Think about how the name will be used. In an email, you might say, “I read about this on JuggleFeed” or “I read about that on eJuggle.” Here again I like the former over that latter.

  11. Juggler’s World (as a throwback to the old mag. Maintains tradition.)
    The Juggler’s Bulletin (an old timey title for a new timey format. The historical first “official mouthpiece” of the IJA.)

  12. How about….

    1. The Juggling Buffet (the publication, like a buffet, has a little bit of everything for everybody)

    2. The IJA Buffet (same as the above)

    3. Juggling for Jugglers (hobbyist, or professional, it doesn’t matter….we are all jugglers and love juggling!)

    3. Just Juggle

    4. Juggle Digest

    5. The IJA Insider

  13. Also, as a variation of what I just posted…

    1. The Juggler’s Buffet (instead of “The Juggling Buffet” I posted above)

    2. IJA Insider (instead of “The IJA Insider” I posted above)

    3. Pass it On

    4. JuggleLife

  14. – Throw-Catch
    – Throw it, Catch it
    – Up-Down
    – All about juggling

    Maybe I think of a few others tonight.

  15. So far I’m liking Jugglers’ Feed or JuggleFeed (or maybe The Juggling Feed)
    or how about one of these:

    1. Catch-up on Juggling

    2. Up-Down-Juggle (reference to starting together)

    3. The Juggling Arts

  16. I like eJuggle. I also like Juggler’s World Wide Web as an homage to our earlier publication, but too wordy (and the reference would be lost on younger members).

  17. I’m going to agree that “JuggleFeed” is a catchy, informative name that flows easily off the tongue in human conversation and implies a constantly, consistently updating service as opposed to a monthly publication.

  18. “JUGGLEzine”

    It could be referred to amongst jugglers as “JUGGLE” or “The eZine.”

    JUGGLEzine seems like a nice transition to me.

  19. Protesting Gravity
    Modern Manipulator
    Manipulator Quarterly(or Monthly)
    The Flow
    Pro Grip
    Motions & Manipulations
    The ZOC(zone of catching)
    Pin Point
    Off the Floor
    Scoop-The Scoop
    Creative Play

  20. 1. The Inside Scoop
    2. The 441 on Juggling
    3. Juggling 441
    4. Jugglinfo
    5. The Site of the Swap
    6. Everyday I’m Jugglin’
    7. Juggling Feed
    8. Catch This
    9. Juggling Collumn
    10. Juggling What’s up 360

  21. My favorites so far mentioned, (in no particular order)
    The 441 on Juggling
    Catch This
    Motions & Manipulations
    Protesting Gravity
    Jugglers without Borders
    The Juggling Arts
    Juggle World

    My add
    Puzzle the Juggle
    Puzzlin the Jugglin

  22. Ummm. Shouldn’t 441 be “411” as in “information”?
    eJuggle and iJuggle are good. The latter because of the double meaning. As an SF fan, I also like “The Juggler’s Guide to the Galaxy”. It should be something short and pithy. The only problem I can think of is that, once you have a new name, you’d have to change the URL. Because if someone said: “I saw a great video on eJuggle” the immediate reaction would be to go to ejuggle.org.

    1. Scott Seltzer Post

      Will, I awarded prizes to Steven Ragatz and David Shilman for each getting the most votes for the names they nominated. Sadly, your suggestion came in just a few minutes after Steven offered the same name. Since it was so close, I will contact you directly about a gift certificate from the IJA store. Thanks!

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