Pearls of Juggling Articles: Indian Club Swinging as a quality warm for juggling.

I’m always on the hunt for new ways to efficiently warm up into juggling.

When it’s done well warming up into juggling is more than just warming up the muscles, it’s opening the body, especially the shoulders and chest, It’s loosening and protecting our tendons.
Aligning the body, focusing the mind and charging us up without tiring us out too much.

Getting us in the mood for a great session!

This is exactly what Indian Club Swinging can do as a warm up 🙂

I have a really old book by an Australian Indian Club Swinger called Tom Burrows who more than one hundred years ago set some ridiculous feats of endurance…

…anyway as I see it the principle difference to modern club swinging, as commonly seen is the grip.
The clubs are held quite firmly.

At the start this feels really awkward but the loosening and warming up effects on the wrist and arms is incredible.

Here’s a video of a few ideas from our recent Pearls of Juggling Autumn Special Retreat in Italy.

This is only the beginning…


Try it out and see how it goes.

Would love to hear from you.

Anthony Trahair

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Anthony Trahair is British and started throwing objects in the air while studying Chemistry at the University of Birmingham. Preferring balls to molecules, he set off on a voyage for Europe and arrived in Italy in 1997, where he developed a lasting passion for yoga. He has studied with numerous industry powerhouses and over 21 years of training he has introduced many upcoming jugglers to his special artistic blend. In 2003 he moved to Switzerland for three years to attend the prestigious Dimitri School of Physical Theatre. At age 40 Anthony dedicated himself to the creation of the ultimate book for jugglers, PEARLS OF JUGGLING, be they journeyman or professional, in order to properly explore the fusion of the art of juggling with other complementary art forms such as dance and yoga. When he can he looks after his vegetables, climbs trees and eats cherries.

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