IRC Europe Competitor Entry Form

IRC Europe Entry Form

IRC Europe 2019

Before filling out this form, please be sure to read the rules of the IJA Regional Competition.
This form must be submitted by the 6th of July, 2019.

Teams must register under the name of a single member, who will act as the primary contact person.

First Name:
Last Name:

All emails will be sent to this address. Be sure to provide an email you check frequently.


Information for Teams
Individuals should omit this section.
For teams competitors, enter the name of your team and the names of the team members exactly as you want them to appear in the Festival materials.

Team Name:
Names of team members (one name per line):

Preliminary Video
Upload a video of your full routine to Youtube, then enter the URL here. The video must be set as "Unlisted" on YouTube, so that nobody can see it other than the IRC staff.

YouTube URL:

Competitor Biography
​Provide a short biography (50-100 words).


City of Residence
Please provide your city and country of residence.


Promotional Photo
Please send a promotional photo. The photos are used for promotion of the competition finalists.

Consent and Agreement
      I have read and accept the rules of the IJA Regional Competition.

Congratulations and Good Luck!