IRC Europe 2019 Finalists

The Finalists

Announcing the IJA Regional Competition – Europe 2019 finalists! This international juggling performance competition will be held on the 6th of August, at the European Juggling Convention (EJC) in Newark on Trent, England. Learn more about the event below.

Juggling-Duo Fabian & Friederike

Uelzen, Germany

Friederike Kraaz
Fabian Fehlhaber

We are two 21-years old passionate jugglers from Uelzen in the north of Germany. We learned juggling when we were eight years old in a sports club called „Sport Jongleure Dreilingen e.V.“, where we still practise and also teach juggling groups. As a duo we started performing with balls, rings, clubs and also with the unicycle three years ago. Since then we take every opportunity to show our duo-acts on different local events.

IRC Europe 2019 Finalist - Juggling-Duo Fabian & Friederike
IRC Europe 2019 Finalist - Moritz Rosner and Jan Daumin

Moritz Rosner and Jan Daumin

Bad Saulgau Germany, Altdorf bei Nürnberg Germany

The two exciting young jugglers Moritz Rosner and Jan Daumin, both from Germany, have created a fulminant act where up to 10 clubs are juggled at the same time!
Both jugglers are exciting young talents that learned to juggle in their local circus club and have worked hard over the past years in order to now rock the big stages.
Be invited to experience their absolutly stunning and technically challenging routine which consists of a brand-new choereography that will completly astonish the audience!

Alexis Levillon

Harelbeke, Belgium

Alexis started the diabolo at the age of 20 years old during a student party. He found ways to practice diabolo but his interest has focused on the vertax. He like to create tricks and push the limits.

IRC Europe 2019 Finalist - Alexis Levillon
IRC Europe 2019 Finalist - Helena Berry

Helena Berry

Frome, United Kingdom

Helena is a female juggler from England. She spent the past 6 years at circus school. It was at her first school, Circomedia, that she began juggling also also found her passion for it. She then decided to continue her juggling education at ACaPA in the Netherlands. She loves to be innovative within her juggling and has always tried her hardest to be creating new tricks. Her main focus is foot and acrobatic juggling.

Thomas Senior

Preston, England

Thomas Senior is from Great Eccleston, Preston, Lancashire, United Kingdom. He is 23 years old. He began juggling at the age of 6 but started bounce juggling at the age of 14, after buying bounce juggling balls at a British Juggling Convention. Thomas appeared as a live Semi-Finalist on Britain’s Got Talent in 2013. Thomas loves performing!

IRC Europe 2019 Finalist - Thomas Senior
IRC Europe 2019 Finalist - Sebastian Berger

Sebastian Berger

Vienna, Austria

Sebastian Berger born in 1982, Innermanzing, Austria. BA of product design.
Since 2002 he works in the field of object manipulation. Specialised in staff manipulation.

The correlating field of object design and development of manipulation technique is a vast playground for innovation. Within the balance technique “Fishtail” Sebastians ongoing research and development of patterns, as well as systems of understanding is on the forefront of development.

2007 proof of concept double fishtails
2008 start development of vertical fishtails
2010 start development of fusion between bounce ball juggling and fishtail balances
2016 leading the first fishtail think tank in “Inspiral Circus Center Budapest”
2016 start development of eccentric fishtails

IRC Europe 2019 Finalist - Hoop Troop

Hoop Troop

London, United Kingdom

Lisa Ellipse
Callum Baker
Cameron Ford

Hoop Troop formed less than 4 months ago when multidisciplinary juggler Cameron Ford joined forces with the established hoop juggling duo Lisa and Callum.
They began exploring the realms of trio passing patterns with hoops. By using their combined strengths in juggling, hoop rolling and traditional hula hoop they were able to create interesting and unique tricks and sequences.
Soon after they had begun training together Cameron appeared with Lisa and Callum in the IJA Tricks of the Month. This inspired them to work together further and enter the IRC.

Duo Kara

Berlin, Germany

Armin Taeschner
Kathrin Wagner

Kathrin Wagner is a self-taught artist specializing in ring juggling and hula hoop. She discovered her passion for juggling through the attendance at festivals, where she also took her first steps in performing. Throughout the past years, she has taken part in a large number of workshops on creation, composition and lighting and a course at DOCH University called Juggling and Music. She co-founded the Outer Circle Company and works as a solo artist.
Armin Taeschner is also mainly self-taught and specialises in poi. Being a pioneer in his field, he has spent more than fifteen years researching poi manipulation in terms of juggling whilst learning the well-known art of poi spinning. Over the years, he had the chance to learn from countless teachers such as Declan Mee and the Gandinis.
Kathrin and Armin share similar views on technical training, approaches to artistic work as well as work ethic. Moreover, they discovered a common interest in hoop manipulation, and were curious to create something new and unique by mixing their expertise in technical ring juggling and poi influenced object manipulation. The newly formed Duo Kara aims to use the acquired technical skills as a tool for artistic expression.

IRC Europe 2019 Finalist - Duo Kara
IRC Europe 2019 Finalist - Ariane Oechsner

Ariane Oechsner

Paris, France

Ariane juggles and moves in her very own way. She likes to laugh about herself, preferably with others.
She started juggling at the age of 12, finished her professional circus school in 2013 in Berlin and is now just finishing her masters degree in choreography at Fontys Tilburg and Codarts Rotterdam. She worked for Circuses, Cabarets and Juggling Companies all over Europe, notably Cirque Romanès, Jérôme Thomas and Stefan Sing. She loves writing and touring her own shows in collaboration with others, for example the duo Ariane&Roxana, with their show “play nice”. She has never won any prices, except for first place in a spontaneous arching competition at the age of 12.

Luca Pferdmenges

Mönchengladbach, Germany

My name is Luca Pferdmenges, I am a 17-year-old juggler from Germany. I currently live in Mönchengladbach but constantly travel all over place for performances, videos and fun. I hold several world records in juggling, won gold medals in international competitions and participated in national TV shows. I perform with Jonglissimo from time to time and have an active social media presence with more than 1 million followers on Tik Tok.

IRC Europe 2019 Finalist - Luca Pferdmenges

Congratulations to all finalists!

Want to Watch the Competition?


6th of August, 2019


Newark Showground
Lincoln Road
Nottinghamshire, England

The Prizes

2nd Place silver medal


  • £250
  • silver medal

3rd Place bronze medal


  • £125
  • bronze medal

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