IRC South Asia 2019

IJA Regional Competition – South Asia 2019

IJA Regional Competition Information

The goal of the IJA Regional Competition (IRC) is to award high quality juggling routines that feature strong technique, creativity and entertainment value. It awards competitors who push the limits of juggling, while also maintaining a level of perfectionism.

This competition is open to all legal or permanent residents of the region of South Asia. Teams and individual acts are allowed to participate in the IJA Regional Competition. Competitors must submit an entry form and a video of your complete routine by the deadline of July 1st. The competition entry form must meet all requirements outlined in the IRC Rules, including an unedited video of a juggling routine of 5-8 minutes. Competitors are required to read all rules prior to entering the competition.

IRC South Asia 2019 will take place on the 1st of August, as part of the Afghanistan National Circus Festival at MMCC Global in Kabul, Afghanistan. To learn more about MMCC Global, visit their Facebook Page.

This IRC is open to all legal or permanent residents of the region of South Asia, which have been outlined to include: Pakistan, India, Afghanistan, Iran, Nepal, Bangladesh, and Bhutan.


1st of August



Gol-e-Sang Center, Dehburi, Street of Rahman Baba High School


Competitor Entry Deadline:

July 1st, 2019

The Prizes

2nd Place silver medal


  • $200 usd
  • silver medal

3rd Place bronze medal


  • $100 usd
  • bronze medal

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David Mason:
Erin Stephens:

IRCs of the World

Founded in 2011, the IJA Regional Competition (IRC) brings the IJA Stage Championship model to regional festivals around the world.  The goals of this program include:

  • To award competition routines with high caliber performance and technical skill, which are entertaining and marketable to a general public audience;
  • To promote the development and enhancement of juggling within each region (competitors must be residents or natives of the stated region);
  • To unite the international juggling community by spreading awareness of the juggling culture in each region, through promotion of these events.

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Read the Rules


Ends July 2nd


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