IJA regional competitions


Founded in 2011, the IJA Regional Competition (IRC) hosts stage juggling competitions at regional festivals around the world.

Through the IRCs, the International Jugglers’ Association aims to:

  • Award competition routines of high caliber performance and technical skill, which are entertaining and marketable to a general public audience
  • Promote the development and enhancement of juggling within each region
  • Unite the international juggling community by spreading awareness of the juggling culture in each region, through promotion of these events

Thanks to the generous IRC donors and partners, 8 IRCs will be held around the world in 2018, including in: Russia, Taiwan, Afghanistan, Mexico, Paraguay, El Salvador, Benin, and Australia. The goal is to grow the program into a Juggling World Championship model in the next few years. Donate now to help make this vision a reality!


IRC Regions

IRC South Asia

The 1st IRC Africa will be held in Benin, Africa, in November of 2018, as part of the 2nd African Juggling Convention. IRC Africa webpage coming soon.

IRC Central America

The 4th IRC Central America will be held June 16, 2018 in partnership with the World Juggling Day celebration in San Salvador, El Salvador.

IRC Oceania

The 1st IRC East Asia will be held on May 28, 2018, in partnership with the Asian international Diabolo Cup (AIDC) in Taipei, Taiwan.

IRC Middle East

The 1st ever IRC Eurasia will take place June 29, 2018, in St. Petersburg, Russia, during the Russian Juggling Convention 2018.

IRC Mexico

The 7th IRC México will be held July 12, 2018 in partnership with the 6th Periplo International Circus Festival in Gudalajara, México.

IRC Middle East

The 2nd IRC Middle East was held April 14, 2017 in partnership with the Israeli Juggling Convention at Gan Hashlosha National Park in Israel. No IRC Middle East will take place in 2018. Stay tuned for future announcements.

IRC Oceania

The 2nd IRC Oceania will be held in September of 2018 in partnership with the Melbourne Juggling Convention in Melbourne, Australia.

IRC South America

The 7th IRC South America will be held in partnership with the Paraguay National Circus Festival in November of 2018.

IRC South Asia

The 2nd IRC South Asia will be held in August of 2018, in partnership with the MMCC Global at the Afghanistan National Circus Convention in Kabul, Afghanistan.

IRCs Around the World

  • IRC Oceania
  • IRC Mexico 2018
  • IRC Oceania
  • IRC Central America 2018
  • IRC South America
  • IRC Oceania
  • IRC Centroamérica 2018
  • IRC Central America