Props 2 U

Props 2 U

The goal of Props 2 U is to render assistance to fellow jugglers through collecting and donating juggling props to youth education programs in need. In order to meet this goal, the IJA does a new and used prop collection drive at the Annual Festival. Each year a worthy recipient is selected by the Props 2 U director, based on program need, reach, and impact.

To this date, over 3,000 props have been collected and sent to juggling education programs in Bolivia, Afghanistan, Korea, Uganda, Kenya, and programs throughout the United States.

Need Props?

Props 2 U recipients must meet the following criteria:

  • Conduct ongoing juggling instruction to 10+ youth
  • Demonstrate an inherent “need” for props, and inability to obtain these props by other means
  • Be willing to document photo and video of the props in action once received

Recipients are selected as Props 2 U recipients on a first come first serve basis, as long as all criteria are met.

Donate Props

Donate new and gently used props now to support youth juggling education programs. The recipients for the IJA Festival Props 2 U collection will be made 2-3 months before the festival. Props can also be donated at any time during the year; the Props 2 U director will find a good recipient location for props donated at any time during the year. If shipped within the United States, the donating party is expected to pay the shipment expenses. To make a donation outside of the IJA Festival prop collection, contact the Props 2 U Director, Erin Stephens, at

donate funds

Props 2 U requires funding in order to ship collected props to their international recipients.
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