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The IJA Regional Competitions are creating ripple effects of inspiration, motivation and excellence in juggling around the world. This year, we invite you to donate to help the IJA Regional Competitions (IRCs) as they continue to grow.

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About the IRCs

Founded in 2011, the IJA Regional Competitions were established to meet the IJA’s mission of rendering assistance to fellow jugglers on a global level. Hosted by juggling and circus festivals around the world, the IRCs are stage juggling competitions which award excellence for juggling technique and creativity.

There here have now been 33 IJA Regional Competitions in 17 countries. These events have created a ripple effect on the advancement of juggling worldwide, launching the careers of many young jugglers and inspiring the progress of entire regional juggling communities.

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Donor Rewards

Our donation rewards structure has been set up so your donation will benefit both you and the juggling community at large. Check out our fabulous line-up of donor rewards below!

IRC VIP Facebook Group

Donate $50 or more to be added to the IRC VIP Facebook Group.  This group will feature special behind the scenes footage, interviews and more throughout the IRCs of 2018.

JuggleGiving Awards

Everyone who donates, no matter the amount, has a chance to receive a #JuggleGiving award – and the awards are awesome! Donate now and be entered for one of the following items:


  • The Passing Zone – Two 1-hour business coaching sessions focused on getting gigs and comedy writing.
  • Steven Ragatz – A coaching session to take your routine and character to the next level.
  • Jay Gilligan – A 30 minute chat with Jay. You choose the topic. (Ideas: the definition of juggling, juggling theory, teaching philosophy, Kanye West.)
  • Josh Horton – A private social media coaching session with the most successful juggler in the social media world.
  • Anthony Gatto – An autographed playing card, signed by the legend himself.
  • Richard Kennison – A coaching session with the renowned juggling coach who has trained Delaney Bayles, Thom Wall, Tony Pezzo, Kellin Quinn, Zak McAllister and so many more.

All coaching sessions will be done virtually, through online video conferencing.

When you make your donation, please leave a comment indicating which award you want to be entered for. If you already donated through our #GivingTuesday Facebook fundraising campaign, please send a message to, indicating which award you want to be entered for.

IRC Supporters

“The International Jugglers’ Association has been an incredible resource for me over the last decade. The work they are doing to expand their global reach is incredibly important both for the people that participate and for the juggling community at large. If you have the ability to make a small donation to this great cause, please consider it.”Brian Koenig
“Hi jugglers, I want to share my experience of participation in the IRC, especially how it helped me on my professional development as a juggler and artist. For sure IRC changed my juggling career, I got prop sponsors mostly thanks to it. I made my first multi-prop routine motivated by the participation, so it helped me also as a choreographer. So yes, it was very special and I hope this activities keeps going!
A big hug to all the IJA directors and members!”Jeair Burbôa
“Keep up the awesome work!!” ♥️Florence Huet
“I’ve officiated this competition in the past – in Mexico and Israel – and the impact is has on budding performers is really incredible. It’s been the springboard for a lot of youngsters’ careers!”Thom Wall

“The IJA sometimes gets a bad rap for not being truly “International.” Like the “World” Series, for a long time the “I” in IJA was more aspirational than real. In the last few years however, great strides have been made in International outreach, led by the tireless efforts of Erin Stephens. I’m proud of her. I’m proud of the Juggling community of which I am but a small part. I’m proud of our art form, which has made such strides, and has such potential to enrich people’s lives.”Bill Biz Obrisch

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Video Pledges by Juggling Stars

Over 30 of the worlds top jugglers have pledged to create unique, exclusive video content, filled with amazing juggling tricks. These videos will be created and released on the IJA’s social media as we achieve the following financial milestones:

(Milestones in teal have already been reached!)

$10 – Kick-Off Video
Zak McAllister, Delaney Bayles, Jonah Botvinick-Greenhouse

$100 – IRC Fundraising Team
Matan Presberg, Erin Stephens, Taylor Glenn

$500 – IRC Organizers
Thom Wall, Fernanda Sumano, Jorge Vilchis

$1,000 – IRC Supporters
Luke Davies, Carol Rigoletto, Chris Kelly

$2,000 – IRC Oceania Competitors
Kenny Cheung, Hamish Smithers, Odette Robbins

$5,000 – IRC Competitors Latin America
La Flaka, Brayan Poblador, Richi Fallas

$10,000 – IRC Supporters
Jessica Savalla, Joe Fisher and Byron Hutton

$15,000 – World Record
Jonglissimo – 18 Club Passing World Record
Bonus: Video of Jonglissimo’s 8-person “Nightclub” Glow Club routine

$20,000 – Viktor Kee and Kiev Circus School
Viktor Kee will film his entire act live from the “jugglers’ perspective” – AND, as an added bonus, he will go to the Kiev Circus School in Ukraine and film the best trick from every student!

$35,000 – IJA Supporters
Tuan Le, Lewis Kennedy, Mariia Martin

$45,000 – Legends Support
Viktor Kee, Gena Shvartsman Cristiani, Paul Ponce

$50,000 – We Made It!!
Wes Peden, Havaard Hvidsten, Svetlana Zueva

The individual videos pledged at each level will be edited together to create mini milestone collaboration videos, each one packed full of exclusive, never-before-seen awesomeness! Not only will your donations go towards the IRCs, but also towards creating this unique juggling video content – which otherwise will never exist!

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