World Juggling Day

World Juggling Day

Celebrate World Juggling Day
June 18, 2022

On June 18th, 2022, thousands of people around the world will unite, with one common passion: JUGGLING!
Wherever you are in the world, the IJA invites you to celebrate!

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how to celebrate

  • Host or Attend a juggling convention

  • Use #WJD2022 and/or #WorldJugglingDay to have your content featured on IJA social media

  • Film a juggling tutorial of your favorite trick

  • Juggle in your backyard

  • Learn to juggle with online tutorials

  • make a juggling video and post it to youtube

  • Write a blog post on juggling

  • Host a watch party of your favorite juggling videos/shows

  • Organize a montage video to release on WJD

  • Buy a WJD 2022 t-shirt!

The options are endless on how you choose to celebrate! We hope you’ll join the IJA in encouraging as many people around the world as possible to all juggle on the same day.

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Use the WJD hashtags “#wjd2022” and/or “#WorldJugglingDay” on all of your social media posts leading up to, during, and after the event so everyone can see how people around the world are celebrating. We will select some of our favorites to feature on the IJA Social Media platforms.
Join the WJD Facebook Event page to join and virtually watch the celebration with other jugglers from all around the world.

2022 WJD T-Shirts are available now!

Facebook Event Page

Check back soon for this year’s facebook event page link.


For more than 25 years, the International Jugglers’ Association has proudly hosted World Juggling Day, an event you can celebrate wherever you are in the world! The International Jugglers’ Association was founded on June 17, 1947. To celebrate, World Juggling Day is held every year on the Saturday closest to June 17. Originally established as National Juggling Day, the name was changed in 1995 to reflect the international goals of the IJA.