Technical juggling skill has reached an all time high, but the most difficult (and most radical) tricks aren’t performed on stage. What if there was a place to show off these cutting edge tricks? This is a competition where jugglers on the cutting edge can shine.

What is Xjuggling?

Created by Jack Kalvan and Ben Tolpin in 2006, XJuggling is an exciting competition featuring the biggest tricks and the biggest risks. The Best Trick Competition isn’t polished juggling routines or entertainment gimmicks. This isn’t about pretty or perfection; this is about the glory of landing a trick that no one has ever seen or done before. Watch the best jugglers in the world pull off huge tricks, or just crash and burn!

Jack Kalvan has produced the competition at IJA Festival, and it is now going international! The IJA is beginning to hold XJuggling competitions at international festivals, conventions and events. If you are interested in hosting an XJuggling competition at your event, contact IJA Rep, Erin Stephens at: stephens@juggle.org.

best trick contest rules

Event Order

3 Balls
3 Rings
3 Clubs

4&5 Balls
4&5 Rings
4 Clubs

6+ Balls
6+ Rings
5+ Clubs

Order of Events

The order of the events will be mixed for maximum variety, and bonus events (passing, diabolo, cigar boxes, mixed props, etc.) will be added if there’s extra time.


Judges decide which trick is the best, and they make their decision based on:
1. Audience reaction (30%) – The “WOW” factor. Did it blow the audience away?
2. Difficulty (30%) – Was it difficult and risky?
3. Creativity (20%) – Is it something we haven’t seen before?
4. Style (20%) – Was the trick executed with style?

How it Works
For each event, competitors line up by the side of the stage. When it’s your turn, you have two tries to present a killer trick, then you go to the back of the line and the next person’s turn begins. After everyone gets two turns (twice through the line), the judges decide the best trick and announce the winner. Then on to the next event!

The winner of each event will receive a limited edition Extreme Juggling medal.

Sign Up
Sign-up on the day of the competition. In fact, you can put your name on the sign-up sheet up until the minute the competition starts. There is no entry fee, but please only sign up if you feel your trick will truly blow people away.