Youth Juggling Academy


The International Jugglers’ Association is proud to support educational juggling programs around the world through our Youth Juggling Academy (YJA).


The Youth Juggling Academy accumulates juggling resources, develops interest and passion, and transmits knowledge to and for young jugglers.


  • The YJA fosters a community to encourage a safe, inclusive, and accessible space to explore foundational juggling abilities and help create connections between advanced and beginner jugglers of all ages.

  • The YJA is a terminal for educators, guardians, and institutions to access scientific and best-practices information on the topic of juggling.


Benjamin Domask-Ruh - Director
Afton Benson - Manager
Thayer Slichter - Graphic Design and Youth Liaison
Kayla Malmgren - Youth Program Coordinator
Gordon Tyler - Education/Facilitation
Galen Harp - Consultant/Direction

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Positions we are looking for help with:

YJA Marketing (Social media, Promoting Badge Book to Education Systems, Book Promoting)
YJA workshop director at the IJA Festival (Someone to coordinate Youth Focused Workshops) 
Teachers for youth focused workshops
Youth Showcase Coordinator/Director
Planting the Juggling Seed Show Director

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The YJA has developed the YJA Badge Program, an achievement system designed to accommodate youth of all ages and juggling interests. It can be used simultaneously with any other achievement system that juggling instructors already have in place.

How it works: 

  • Badge Book is an exciting new companion for aspiring jugglers! Track your progress, unlock achievements, and earn badges as you learn the art of juggling. Through its easy portability, self-motivated structure, and rewarding sticker system, Badge Book makes learning to juggle an exciting and fulfilling adventure. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned juggler, Badge Book will be your guide to skillful juggling and a collection of well-earned accomplishments. Start your Badge Book juggling journey today!

One-Week Juggling Curriculum:

We are currently developing a week long ‘Introduction to Juggling’ curriculum to be utilized as a framework for beginning juggling educators. This program has been designed and utilized across different educational institutions in the U.S. from Kindergarten to aging adults.

Help Support Upcoming Projects:

Juggling Education in the 21st Century: Case studies from juggling educators.
Juggling literature spans history, technique, science, and culture. This first-of-its-kind book aims to catalog a comprehensive conversation surrounding juggling education and all its facets. From elementary education to one-on-one coaching, from summer programming to higher circus education, Juggling Education in the 21st Century is a collection of chapters written by current and leading educators across the world attempting to give insight and process to our artform and culture.

These projects require funding!
If you are interested in helping fund part or all of one of these projects, please reach out to us at:

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