Youth Juggling Academy


The International Jugglers’ Association is proud to support educational juggling programs around the world through our Youth Juggling Academy (YJA). The YJA is an achievement system designed to accommodate children of all ages and juggling interests, and it can be used simultaneously with any other achievement system that juggling instructors already have in place.

Learn A Skill – Earn A Button

The YJA program awards achievement button to jugglers for making progress. Instead of using a one-size-fits-all leveling system, Youth Juggling Academy achievements are loosely patterned after button used by the Boy Scouts/Girl Scouts of America – Learn a Skill, Earn a Button. Jugglers 18 years old or younger will receive the buttons free of cost, other than the cost of shipping and handling.

The YJA isn’t only for kids; adult IJA members can earn achievements and contribute to the YJA’s mission of supporting youth juggling for a small donation.

Button Requirements



Complete 30 catches of 3-ball cascade.


Complete 30 catches of 4-ball fountain or half shower.

5-balls-yja-badgeComplete 30 catches of 5-ball cascade.


Complete 20 catches of 6-ball fountain or half shower.


Complete 20 catches of 7-ball cascade.



Complete 30 catches of 3-ring cascade.


Complete 30 catches of 4-ring fountain or half shower.


Complete 30 catches of 5-ring cascade.


Complete 20 catches of 6-ring fountain or half shower.


Complete 20 catches of 7-ring cascade.



Complete 30 catches of 3-club cascade.


Complete 30 catches of 4-club fountain or half shower.


Complete 30 catches of 5-club cascade.


Complete 12 catches of 6-club fountain or half shower.


Complete 14 catches of 7-club cascade.



Complete 30 catches of cascade with ball, club, and ring.


Complete 30 catches of mixed fountain or half shower. Can contain 2 of any prop and 1 each of the others.


Complete 30 catches of mixed cascade. Can contain 2 each of two props and 1 of the other prop.


Complete 12 catches of mixed fountain or half shower. Use 2 rings, 2 balls, 2 clubs.   Each hand must start with a ball, ring, and club.


Complete 14 catches of mixed cascade. 2 rings, 2 balls, 2 clubs and 1 that is your choice.


ballpassingComplete a run of 20 passes per juggler of a six ball 4 count, 3 count, 2 count, asynchronous 1 count, synchronous 1 count, and pass-pass-self.

ringpassingComplete a run of 20 passes per juggler of a six ring 4 count, 3 count, 2 count, asynchronous 1 count, synchronous 1 count, and pass-pass-self.

clubpassingComplete a run of 20 passes per juggler of a six club 4 count, 3 count, 2 count, asynchronous 1 count, synchronous 1 count, and pass-pass-self.

mixedpassingComplete a run of 20 passes per juggler of a six mixed-object 4 count, 3 count, 2 count, asynchronous 1 count, synchronous 1 count, and pass-pass-self.

The pattern must contain 2 clubs, 2 rings, and 2 balls.



Demonstrate six catches of a three ball cascade.

passingjugglerComplete a run of 20 passes per juggler of any six object pattern, using any prop or combination of props.


Give 5 twenty minute juggling lessons to different people.   

Three must be non-jugglers learning the 3 ball cascade.  The remaining two can be either non-jugglers or jugglers learning a new pattern or trick.


Completes a performance using a object manipulation for an audience of more than 20 people, spending a minimum of two minutes on stage.

yjadonorMake a $20 donation to the YJA – get a special badge!


Poi Spinner

Demonstrate any 3 of the following moves: 3 beat weave, butterfly, windmill, corkscrew, flower, or buzz-saw.


DiaboloDemonstrate the following:
2 methods of starting the diabolo
2 methods of speeding up the diablo
1 method for correcting horizontal rotation
1 method for correcting vertical rotation
4 different Suns tricks
2 different Trapeze tricks
1 Grind trick
2 Cradle Tricks
2 Knot Tricks
2 Orbit Tricks
2 Stick release Tricks
1 Trick combo of at least 3 tricks that transition into each other.

Cigar Boxes

Cigar Boxes

Demonstrate 4 ways to exchange the middle box for one of the outside boxes
Demonstrate 2 different stacked balances
Release all three boxes then cross arms and catch in both directions. Right over left
and Left over Right
Rotate the middle box 180 degrees in the 4 different directions
Rotate the outside box while holding it then re-catch the middle box. Right and Left.
1 trick combo of at least 3 tricks that transition into each other.

How do I get my buttons?

To receive buttons, email confirmation of the completed qualifications to Include the youth’s name and age and the mailing address where the buttons can be shipped. Please state in the email if you are willing to allow the IJA to use the video footage to celebrate the success, promote the program, and inspire other jugglers. The YJA Director will then be in touch with you to discuss the process for sending the cost of shipping and handling.

Record a Video

Send in a video demonstrating the required skills. Videos will not be shared publicly unless we receive written consent from the juggler (and parents if the juggler is under 18).

Juggle for a qualified IJA member

Demonstrate the buttons requirements to a qualified IJA member for certification. The qualified IJA member should send an email confirming the buttons requirements to

in addition to its motivational benefits, the youth juggling academy also:


Promotes interest in juggling among non-juggling youth through wearable achievement


Boosts youth membership in the International Jugglers’ Association


Fosters increased communication among the youth juggling community as a whole

Jugglers 18 years old or younger will receive their buttons at no cost. For each button earned, they will get one entry into a periodic raffle of juggling props, books, DVDs and shirts. Entries remain in the raffle pot until chosen as a winner or until the conclusion of the current year (measured September-August).

Adults can purchase buttons through the IJA store, but don’t let that stop you from working on earning badges now! The sale of adult badges is the YJA’s only source of renewable funding, so please help support this program!

If you have any questions, please send them to

Follow the YJA on Facebook and Instagram at @yjajugglers.