Props 2 U – Thank You from Cochabamba, Bolivia

Props 2 U – Thank You from Cochabamba, Bolivia

Thank you so much for honoring Performing Life with the generous support from International Jugglers’ Association.  Your donation of juggling equipment was received from the “Props 2 U” IJA program and brought down to us in Mid-August this year. 

We received the following props from the IJA “Props 2 U” event:

  • 150+ Balls
  • 29 Clubs
  • 9 Rings
  • 1 Diabolo

With our three performing classes, and music film projects, the number of youth we reach each day is expanding.  The Quillacollo class that started last year continues growing in this community where a majority of youth work, many do not attend school, and there is a high percentage of homeless youth.  Currently we are working with over 50 youth in 3 Circus workshops every day.

Everything from Props 2 U is of excellent quality and is greatly appreciated by the youth participating with Performing Life in Cochabamba, Bolivia.  It is important for their self-esteem and for improving skills that they have good equipment to use.  In a year where the economy is on a downslide, IJA has helped Performing Life to acquire quality materials we otherwise would not have had funds to purchase in 2012.

We will be sure to keep you up to date via monthly reports or through email on the progress of the youth’s juggling skills made possible by your kind donation.  Be sure to see the new videos and listen to the music posted on our web site,

Thank you for all your kind thoughts and support for the kids of Cochabamba.


John Connell, Director

Performing Life, Inc.

Erin Stephens currently lives in Burkina Faso, Africa and is performing with Yennega Circus. She has been an active organizer within the IJA for over 10 years, having been a founding member of the IJA Regional Competitions, Tricks of the Month video series, eJuggle, and has spearheaded the IJA social media platforms since 2012.

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