Props 2 U

Photo: Props 2 U Recipients: Mini Mobile Children’s Circus – Afghanistan

Props 2 U is an IJA program focused on collecting prop donations to give to juggling education programs around the world, which otherwise could not afford them. Last year, we raised over 600 props to send to programs in Afghanistan, Ethiopia, and IJA YEP Reps across the US.

We are now gearing up for the 2012 prop drive to benefit 4 deserving international programs. The following are awesome youth juggling programs which have drawn our attention as being perfect recipients for this year’s props:


Mini Mobile Children’s Circus: Kabul, Afghanistan

Because of the incredible work they do, we have decided to continue donating to this program. MMCC teaches juggling to over 300 youth per week, while also teaching other circus skills, basic academic classes, and computer education. In 2011 alone, they had 61 performances for 82,202 audience members.






Performing Life: Cochabamba, Bolivia

For many children in Cochabamba, this program has been life altering. Performing Life empowers children with juggling skills they are able to use for street performing, enabling them to pay for their education and to help their families with living expences.






Juggling Life: New Jersey, US

The mission of Juggling Life is to engage, inspire, and emotionally heal ill and disadvantage dchildren through juggling workshops and entertaining performance art shows. This program does a lot of work in hospitals and with children diagnosed with cancer.





IJA Youth Education Program: Various Locations, US

The goal of YEP is to bring quality juggling programs into schools and youth facilities across the US. In 2011 YEP taught juggling to over 500 youth across the country.


All props in decent to excellent condition, as well as juggling t-shirts and DVDs are welcome. Financial contributions to help with shipping costs are also greatly appreciated. If you are interested in donating to support these organizations, please contact Erin Stephens at

Erin Stephens currently lives in Burkina Faso, Africa and is performing with Yennega Circus. She has been an active organizer within the IJA for over 10 years, having been a founding member of the IJA Regional Competitions, Tricks of the Month video series, eJuggle, and has spearheaded the IJA social media platforms since 2012.

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