Rare Juggling Prop Catalogs of the 1980s

I recently wrote a four part series on Old Juggling Prop Catalogs, which you can read by clicking here, here, here, and here. In this article, we will look at juggling catalogs from the 1980s from four prop manufacturers you may not have heard of and who sold props that are now considered quite rare.

Ricker Clubs

In the late 198os, Richard Bright from Santa Ana, California made juggling clubs known as Ricker Clubs. The company only lasted a few years and the clubs are very rare today. Below are some photos from a Ricker catalog.



Wold Entertainment Products

In the late 1980s, extreme fire juggler Ray Wold sold a variety of interesting juggling props through his Wold Entertainment Products company. As you can see in the photos below, the company offered props such as cups and saucers, mouth sticks, head pedestals, clear cigar boxes, boomerangs, rubberized derbies, devil sticks, rings, and torches.



WoldCatalogInside2 (978x1280)


Jenack Circus Corporation

Jenack Circus Corporation was another company of the 1980s that sold juggling products as well as unicycles. They specialized in shaker cups, spinning plates, bamboo diabolos and children’s clubs. If anyone has any Jenack children’s clubs, I’m looking for one for the Museum of Juggling History!

JenackCircusCatalogJenackCircusCatalogJenackCircusCatalog (849x1280)

JenackCatalogInside1 (1280x897)

JenackCircusInside2 (817x1280)

Rocky Mountain Juggling Supplies

The final catalog we’ll look at is from Rocky Mountain Juggling Supplies.  This company featured uncommon props such as juggling axes and mirrored balls.


RMJSCatalogInside (1097x1280)

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