Sakari Männistö, aesthetic juggler – ep13 Juggle Jabber

Sakari Männistö about not planning, playing and discovering with technique!

Created by Daniel Simu –
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Show notes:
0:38 Paper cup waste
1:40 Juggle doll video
4:58 Making tricks
7:43 Learning tricks the fun way
9:30 Youth circus in Finland
11:58 High school in Turku
14:30 Circus school in Turku
14:53 Arkadi’s influence
17:38 Performing circus and juggling
20:00 Shifting focus
21:48 What makes a good show
25:43 Future goals
27:02 Written juggling guides

People Mentioned:
Maksim Komaro
Joonas Rissanen
Anthony Gatto
Rauli Katajavuori
Arkadi Poupon
Philippe Vande Weghe

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Daniel Simu

I am a juggler and circus performer from the Netherlands. I travel all over Europe to learn, create, discuss, perform and organise, and I am always looking for fun projects to join! Feel free to contact me about anything :)

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