Stefan Sing, awareness and audience – ep6 Juggle Jabber

Juggle Jabber with Daniel Simu
Juggle Jabber with Daniel Simu
Stefan Sing, awareness and audience - ep6 Juggle Jabber

Stefan Sing is a modern ball juggler from Germany. His fluid movements and 3 ball skill has made him famous around the world. Among Stefan’s work is teaching juggling, performing shows with his partner, directing Critical Mess and running the Katakomben. In the interview we also talk about consciousness, dancing, audiences and much more!

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Show notes:

00:17 Green tea is good for juggling
02:00 Starting juggling, stopping thinking
05:40 Conscious unconsciousness on stage
06:30 Improvisation
07:15 Practising awareness
07:40 Waiting
09:20 Inner peace
09:55 Berlin
11:16 Katakomben training space
14:35 Movement and dance
17:54 The objects talk to you
20:34 Practising dance
21:35 Learning by teaching
23:00 Color and skill palette
25:10 Balls
27:40 Researching personal skills
30:10 Audiences and bookers for modern juggling
37:10 Directing a juggling company: Critical Mess
40:30 Finding Stephan
41:55 Butoh Dance
44:02 Read, art history
44:55 Music
47:00 Juggling time!

People Mentioned:
Jean Daniel Fricker
Celine Angele
John Cage
Merce Cunningham

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