Summary And Updates Of David Cain’s Past Articles: Part 2

As I said in part 1, I’ve now been writing for eJuggle for almost three years. In that time, I’ve managed to research and write 64 articles, including historical pieces, interviews, obituaries, reviews, and anecdotal accounts. In the weeks and months that follow each article I write for eJuggle, I often learn more information about the article’s subject. In January of last year, I wrote an update of past articles I’d written and I now feel it’s time to do this again. In addition, many of my readers miss some of my articles. Therefore, this article is my way of pointing readers back to articles they may have missed and adding new information to those articles for past and new readers alike. I would encourage readers to click on the titles of the articles in order to read them and then come back and read the additional information provided here. I should point out that in some cases, I’ve gone back and added material to the articles after publication. I’ll try to point this out as well. Having the articles online, and thus editable after publication, is one nice advantage over print! Here are the most recent 34 articles I wrote, in the order they were published.

Inverted Toss And Bounce Juggling – This article showcased upside down juggling. Since writing it, I’ve obtained a picture of Andre Reverhos juggling five clubs upside down, a video of him performing three clubs inverted, and a video of Chester Dolphin performing his act. Unfortunately, I’m not permitted to share the videos online. However, I can share the incredible photo of the five clubs inverted. It’s easily one of the greatest juggling tricks ever achieved.


Andre Reverhos

I’ve also recently been given a video showing Marko Dzamtuvski doing some inverted bounce juggling while balancing on a head pedestal.

Here is a photo of unknown jugglers performing an incredible upside down juggling trick.
The Triple Ball Stack Balance: An Old Trick Re-Learned – Since writing this piece, I’ve learned that Freddy Kenton, the subject of an upcoming article, performed this trick. You can see a photo of him doing so below.
FreddyKenton11-60yearsold (1032x1280)

Freddy Kenton at age 60

Common Juggling Misconceptions – Since writing this article, I discovered much additional information about Frank Le Dent, resulting in the article listed below. I also was given a photo showing the clubs that Albert Petrowski used for 7 clubs. Below is Petrowski juggling with 6 of them.


Rare Juggling Books: Part 1 and Rare Juggling Books: Part 2 – Since these articles were published, I’ve acquired many more rare books on my favorite subject. A future article may showcase some of these.

Statue Juggling Tricks – I’ve recently acquired several new photos of statue juggling tricks, which can be seen below.


Gus Lauppe

Bernd Andr'ee (2)

Bernd Andr’ee

Angel Egea 3

Angel Egea




Original O’Hera


Unknown Statue Juggler


Obituary: Barnaby – Read this article to learn about Dan Jeffery, better known as Barnaby. For another obituary of Barnaby, click here.

Chaos Clubs Challenge – Since this very fun project was showcased in this article, one of the chaos clubs broke beyond repair. A replacement chaos club has yet to be made, but a new challenge or two might take place at the 2015 IJA Festival in Quebec City.

Breenos: The Forgotten Prop Of The Breen Family Jugglers – I mentioned the fact that Ira Mullin made his own Breenos in the 197os. Below is a picture of Ira with his version that I’ve recently been given.


Japanese Juggling With A Ball And Two Sticks – This article showcases the variety of tricks that can be done with a ball and two “sticks”. See Thom Wall doing the most famous of these tricks below.


Thom Wall

Toss Juggling With The Feet – Read this article to learn about this very rare and difficult form of juggling.

Larry Weeks Obituary – Below is a picture of Larry that I was recently given.

 LarryWeeks (624x1024)

Hat Spinning: History, Instruction, And Performers – Below is one additional image of hat spinning I recently came across in my collection. The drawing is from 1880.

HatSpinning1880 (1024x610)

Juggling Firsts: Balls And Ball Bouncing – Since this article, Ty Tojo has flashed 9 ball back crosses and has become the first juggler to perform over a hundred catches of 9 balls in performance, as can be seen below.

Juggling Firsts: Clubs / Sticks / Rackets – Learn about many amazing “firsts” with linear juggling objects.
Obituaries: Lois Jackson And Walter Houc – This article discussed the life of two well known jugglers that were lost in 2013 and 2014.
Juggling Firsts: Rings / Hoops And Miscellaneous: I was contacted by a descendant of Gene Adams, the first juggler to do 5 hoops and to do the scorpion / blind kick after he read this article. It was the first time her ever saw a picture of his great, great grandfather! I’ve also learned that the first juggler to kick up cups and saucers onto the head was Ferry Mader.
Restaurant Jugglers – I’m very proud of this article, as research for it resulted in many discoveries correcting formerly held beliefs about the origins of this genre of juggling.
Frank Le Dent: The (Almost) Forgotten Juggling Legend – This is perhaps the most important article I’ve written, pulling back the curtain on this incredible juggler.
Ollie Young: An Early Juggling Innovator – Read this article to learn more about this often overlooked and little known, but important, juggler.
John McPeak: A Serendipitous Adventure – Read John McPeak’s autobiographical story of his career as a juggler.
Obituary: Edoardo Raspini – Below is a newly found photo of Raspini performing one of the greatest tricks of all time.

Edoardo Raspini

Interview With Bobby Jule – If you read this article right after it was published and haven’t since, please read it again to watch the first ever video of Bobby’s act put online. Bobby Jule is being honored with the Historical Achievement Award at the 2015 IJA Festival in Quebec City and plans to be there.
Juggling Robots And Machines: A Video Survey – Watch as our future electronic overlords learn to toss and bounce juggle, spin a flower stick, and manipulate a kendama.
Salerno: The Inventive Gentleman Juggler – Read this article to learn more about one of the most important jugglers of all time.
Bounce Juggling With Rings And Clubs – Since this article was originally published, I’ve added a second video of Duck and Cover showing some of their amazing club pass bouncing.
Early IJA Conventions: A Pictorial Collection – Check out this collection of early photographs from some of the early IJA conventions.
Rudy Cardenas: A Living Legend – This article was radically updated, as it was originally published as an obituary after we at eJuggle were informed that Rudy had passed away. We were quickly told by his nephew that he was still alive, so the obituary became a look back at his career.
11 More Female Juggling Stars Of The Past – This article continues the popular look back at some of the greatest female jugglers of all time. You’re sure to learn about some performers that you weren’t aware of before.
Italo Medini Obituary – Learn about the life and career of one of the jugglers who carried on the legacy of Enrico Rastelli.
The Elliots: A Three Piece Juggling Family – Learn about Stetson and his two children, Woodrow, and Patricia D’Or, who were important early cigar box and top hat jugglers.
Ohio: An Important Birthplace Of Juggling And Jugglers – Since writing this article, I’ve been given a photo of N.F. Thom, an early comedy juggler from Ironton, Ohio.
The Art Of Plate Spinning – Since recently writing this article, I updated it with an advertisement from an early Van Wyck juggling catalog. I’ve also found the pictures below from another Van Wyck catalog from the turn of the century.
Below is a drawing from 1880, showing a juggler performing plate spinning.
As you can see, I do often discover more information about the subject I write about after the articles are published. I hope you’ve been able to discover some articles you may have missed and learned more about some of the subjects you’d already read about.

David Cain is a professional juggler, juggling historian, and the owner of the world's only juggling museum, the Museum of Juggling History. He is a Guinness world record holder and 15 time IJA gold medalist. In addition to his juggling pursuits, David is a successful composer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and singer as well as the author of twenty-six books. He and his children live in Middletown, OH (USA).

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