“The Collect” Trailer

Part 3 will include Juggling from:
Luke Davies
Alex McGillivray
Felix Sürbe
Tom Whitfield
Alex Barron
Callum Coke
And more.

You can expect 8 ball sections, interviews and even some 9 ball tricks.

Hope you have enjoyed Luke’s Series, Part 3 will be released 24th Dec 2017!

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Luke Davies, 20, from Scotland, started juggling at the age of 10. Luke went to visit a local event where they had a circus tent, as just a way to pass time he began to learn how to juggle. 10 years later, Luke is still addicted to learning new tricks and pushing his juggling further. At the age of 16, Luke attracted the attention of British based Juggling Company "Oddballs" from helping with equipment to supporting new video ideas, Oddballs have been a great support in Luke's juggling life. Since then Luke has worked with multiple brands including Jumper Threads, Cascade Juggling and Flying Clipper. Follow Luke on Instagram for more videos.

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