Toss Juggling Props With Curved Handles


One of the rarest categories of juggling props are items that juggle like clubs (meaning they are usually flipped once or in multiples of 360 degrees), but that have a curved handle resembling part of a ring or hoop. I can only think of five examples of such props. Let’s take a look at them.

The first example is the Hoop and Glass. I know that’s technically two props, but their combination acts as a prop that is shaped like a ring but has to be controlled like a club. I’ve written extensively on the history of the hoop and glass routine, which you can read about here.

The next example is one that I’ve actually never seen executed. It is the juggling of three water pitchers. In the March 1945 Jugglers’ Bulletin, old-time vaudeville juggler George W. Russell made the following statement. “In 1892, the Barnum and Bailey Circus had a juggler who handled three full size beer kegs and caught each one by the edge. He also handled three old fashioned water pitchers and caught each one by the handle.” The only other reference I’ve found to juggling water pitchers comes from the Otto Maurer Catalog from the 1890s. It includes the image below and labels the props as “The Cinquevalli Juggling Water Pitchers.” Despite this, there is no evidence that Paul Cinquevalli ever performed this trick.


The next example of props that were juggled like clubs but had a curved or circular handle is Kris Kremo’s juggling of four suitcases. The suitcases are actually small hula hoops inserted into styrofoam blocks, but they look quite good as pieces of luggage.

Kris Kremo

You can see Kris Kremo juggling the suitcases by clicking here.

Francoise Rochais has recently added a new element to her act by juggling three large baskets by their handles.

Francoise Rochais

I have juggled giant horseshoes in my cowboy act for many years, doing a color change with them. It is always odd to have to think about them as if they are clubs despite them feeling like rings.

David Cain

Finally, the art of tossing kettlebells has taken off in the past few years in the weightlifting community. It has some minor similarities to the topic at hand.

If you can think of any other examples of juggling props that juggle like clubs but that have a curved handle resembling part of a ring or hoop, please let me know.



クラブのようにジャグリングする(つまり一般的には、360 度の倍数で回転させる)特徴を持ちながら、持ち手の部分はリングやフープのように曲がっている道具がある。ジャグリング道具の中でも、非常に珍しいタイプの道具だ。筆者はこのような例を 5 つしか思いつかない。それらを見てみよう。

まず、「フープとグラス」である。これは厳密には 2 つの道具だが、組み合わさることで「リングの形なのにクラブのようにコントロールする道具」として機能する。フープとグラスの演技の歴史については、すでに詳しく書いた記事がある。こちら(英語)を参照。

次の例は、筆者がまだ実際には一度も見たことのないものだ。3 つのウォーターピッチャーを使ったジャグリングである。1945 年 3 月の Jugglers’ Bulletin で、かつてのボードビルのジャグラー、ジョージ・W・ラッセル(George W. Russell)は、以下のように語っている。「1892 年のバーナム・アンド・ベイリー・サーカスには、フルサイズのビールピッチャーを 3 つ投げ、それをフチでキャッチするジャグラーがいた。また、3 つの古風なピッチャーを投げ、持ち手でキャッチする場合もあった」

これ以外に筆者が見つけた、ピッチャーを使うジャグリングについて唯一の文献は、1890 年代の Otto Maurer Catalog への記載だ。このカタログには、下記の画像が載っており、「チンクェヴァッリのジャグリングウォーターピッチャー(The Cinquevalli Juggling Water Pitchers)」 という道具として紹介されている。しかしポール・チンクエヴァッリがこのトリックを行っていた証拠はない。


次に、クリス・クレモ(Kris Kremo)の 4 つの旅行カバンジャグリングがある。このカバンは、発泡スチロールのブロックに小さなフープを差し込んだものだが、本物そっくりである。



フランソワーズ・ロシェ(Françoise Rochais)は最近自身の演技に、3 つの大きなバスケットの持ち手を使ったジャグリングという新しい要素を加えている。



デイヴィッド・ケイン(David Cain)



和訳: 青木 直哉(AOKI Naoya)

David Cain is a professional juggler, juggling historian, and the owner of the world's only juggling museum, the Museum of Juggling History. He is a Guinness world record holder and 15 time IJA gold medalist. In addition to his juggling pursuits, David is a successful composer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and singer as well as the author of twenty-six books. He and his children live in Middletown, OH (USA).

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  1. The kettlebell juggling reminds me a lot of Chinese jar juggling. While the emphasis of such acts is usually the head balance, there’s a lot of tossing that takes place as well. The small jars are gripped in the narrow opening and the large jars are gripped on a flared ridge around the opening. They can be spun in several directions, depending on the trick. I’ve seen videos of multiple jars being juggled at once, but I can’t seem to find one online.

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