IJA Tricks of the Month | Move to Circus Academy of Israel

Tricks of the Month

The IJA Tricks of the Month video series showcases diverse juggling talents from around the world. Subscribe to our Youtube channel and stay tuned for future videos.

This Tricks of the Month video features the Move to Circus Academy:

“We are the Stefanie Company from Move to Circus Academy in Israel, where we filmed the video. We like to play as much as to practice. We get inspired from each other. We love chocolate. And we have a lot to say, but Shahar is the King.

The group directors are Shahar Kamay and Ines Lorca.
Kids in the video: Liri Kamay, Arava Kamay, Neomi Lev, Yoel Cohen, Safi Lev, Gaya Omri, Shoshan Snir, and Almo Kamay Lorca.”


The IJA actively searches out the best juggling talent around the world to make awesome videos for your viewing pleasure. Get ready to be inspired.IJA Tricks of the Month are organized by Jorge Vilchis, Erin Stephens and Lucas Adverse.

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