Tricks of the Month: January 2012 with Kyle Johnson

This is the first installment of “Tricks of the Month” for the new eZine. It was filmed at the Pre Turbo Fest, at The New England Center for Circus Arts (N.E.C.C.A.), on my way to Turbo Fest in Quebec, Canada. The tricks include some club swinging, multiplexes to balances, rolls, bounces, and more. Enjoy!


Kyle Johnson

Kyle lives in Oakland, California in a converted warehouse building called the Vulcan with lots of other jugglers and circus people. He has been juggling since he was 14, making juggling videos since 2008, and performing since 2009. He has been a blogger for the Ministry of Manipulation, and is now collaborating on a podcast called "Do Stuff With Things" an object manipulation based show touching on many aspects of juggling and spinning.

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  1. You’d think when I see Kyle every week I would have seen all this before. Nope. Just non-stop cool new tricks. Good stuff…

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