Updates of Previous David Cain Articles

Every year or so, I like to give some updated information on previous article I’ve written for eJuggle. It’s been a while since I’ve done this, so here are updates on five popular articles I’ve written.

Oldest Known Films of Juggling

In September of 2018, the article Oldest Known Films of Juggling was published. This article, which you can read here, was a big hit with readers. Recently, a video has surfaced showing the oldest known film of diabolo being used. The film is called The Diabolo Nightmare and is very similar to another film from 1907 called The Maniac Juggler. You can see it below.


The Birds in the Tree Trick

The Birds in the Tree Trick was the subject of an article published in October of 2017. Click here to read the original article. Since the article was published, I’ve learned a bit more about the trick, found some new illustrations of it, and have improved my performance of it greatly.

As I stated in the original article, the earliest known performer of the Birds in the Tree trick was Ramo Samee, a famed Indian performer, who presented the trick at least as early as 1818. Publicity for him advertised that “He will balance an artificial tree on his forehead, on the boughs of which are placed eleven birds—and with a tube and balls he will shoot them off with his breath.” Lund Lundson has recently discovered a political cartoon from 1834 showing Ramo Samee doing the trick, but with the birds replaced with the skulls of politicians. Ramo and the trick must have been well-known enough for it to be used in such a context.

Ramo Samee

Another recent discovery concerning the Birds in the Tree Trick is the following illustration of the Brazilian juggler Carvailho, who performed it in France in 1854.

At the end of the original article, I stated that I had hoped to make a version of the prop using an umbrella. As you can see from the following photos, I have indeed done this with great results.

David Cain


Juggling With Boomerangs

In October of 2012, I wrote the article Juggling With Boomerangs, which you can read by clicking here. I’ve recently learned that prior to this article, the world record for juggling boomerangs had been broken by Liu Dongdong of China. She flashed 8 boomerangs, with each boomerang completing three circles before being caught. You can see her achieve this by clicking here.

I’ve also filmed a new trick with boomerangs, throwing three in the same throw and catching one in each hand and one in my mouth. You can see this trick below.


Edoardo Raspini Obituary

In January 2015, I wrote an obituary for Edoardo Raspini. You can read the obituary by clicking here. I have recently been given some video of Raspini. This is significant, as we were not aware of any known film of him. You can see 30 seconds of his very impressive juggling below.

The Chaos Clubs

In August of 2014, an article was published showing the debut of the Chaos Clubs, the world’s most difficult clubs to juggle. You can see the article and watch the original video by clicking here. The clubs were brought to the IJA Fest in Cedar Rapids, Iowa in 2017. There, the goal of getting 15 catches on the first try was finally achieved, with three jugglers doing so. You can see the video below.

David Cain is a professional juggler, juggling historian, and the owner of the world's only juggling museum, the Museum of Juggling History. He is a Guinness world record holder and 15 time IJA gold medalist. In addition to his juggling pursuits, David is a successful composer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and singer as well as the author of twenty-six books. He and his children live in Middletown, OH (USA).

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