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Welcome back to the column that slings a lasso at a bunch of notable videos, and corrals them for your perusal.

Luke Wilson presents us with a trailer of his 30-minute show “The D Word”. Personally, I’ve always been drawn to juggling due to its inherent probability (inevitability?) of failure. Dare you face the juggler’s demon with Luke?

Out of the archive comes the magnificent foot juggling of the Baronton sisters. Here they are in 1964, showing footballs, cyliners and tables exactly who’s boss.

Luke Burrage has completed his usual yearly results video of the Top 40 jugglers of the year survey. In typical fashion, he brought a new twist to this year’s video, and I enjoyed the challenge in watching it that it faced me with. Someone unknown, however took pity on those who found it all a bit too much, and re-mapped it.

Richie has been doing a great job of rescuing routines from his VHS collection and sharing them with us all. Here we see a female Chinese trio (name unknown, alas) manipulating water meteors on British TV. And yes, those are ropes, not staffs!

Our thanks to the wonderful Firepedia for drawing our attention to this one. Romeo & lhupo combine their manipulation fortes: one juggling, one video.

From a discussion on well-shot videos on rec.juggling, these two caught my eye: The first, a little stroll down Juggling Street, and the second, a snapshot of the local scene on last year’s world juggling day. If only all juggling videos looked this nice.

Happy viewing! 

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