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As the main admin face at, I get to see a lot of juggling videos. In this column, I’d like to share some of the more interesting recent ones that have caught my eye, both on JTV and elsewhere.

What is a promo video for? To intrigue, engage, tempt and tantalise. When I saw this from “havlucan”, I was all of those things, and although I feel like I’ve learnt almost nothing about the act, it instantly made me want to book him, just to see what it was all about. If only I was booking a show soon! Anyone for tea?

Norbi’s got a new shooting and editing set-up, and has come up with a beautiful looking video. Specifically made to be a cut above the average juggling vid, it doesn’t necessarily take expensive gear to get good results, just a bit of imagination, filming notes, and knowing how to use the equipment you’ve got. Follow that man’s example!

Ryuhan has been experimenting with cigar boxes. By which you probably think I mean “trying new tricks”. Well, yes, but I also mean “trying new shapes”. Interesting that the natural number for this prop seems to be 4, not 3.

Everyone in the juggling community knows how great it is, and what a fun and supportive place it can be. With this in mind, I absolutely loved “Count Me In!”: a half hour video, beautifully shot, with a fantastic spirit and sense of pure enjoyment throughout. It’s also full of lots of crazy tricks and synced runs. Oh, yes, maybe I should mention it’s all kendama, but the parallels with juggling are all over. (And, yeah, “What is juggling?” anyway!)

Some chap called Wes has been throwing some clubs around.

And now, welcome to diabolo corner! Pranay has great energy and fun onstage at a youth circus festival:

Over at the diabolo forum, Luabduch had the bright idea of compiling at the weekly Videos Of The Week into yearly videos.

And speaking of DCA, maxmaestro has just put out the annual collaboration video for 2011.

Shay has recently started up a new blog, and has seemingly found a good source of older videos to unearth. Here’s one from China in 1959 featuring some great skills all round.

Speaking of unearthing, a few tantalising glimpses of jugglers past are on show in this clip-job from a recent BBC TV show. It’s agonising to think just how many more historical clips of jugglers there are out there, lurking away in some dusty vault. Keep digging, folks!

And bringing back more memories, Al Plotkin has started to release his old convention DVDs as online videos. My, didn’t we all look young back then? Thanks Alan!

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  1. Wow! Lots of good stuff here, but it was a bit of overload for me. Maybe it would be better to have more posts with fewer videos. You may want to see what other people think.

    About the videos, I particularly enjoyed the historical ones. It’s neat to see how juggling has changed and how it hasn’t. I was also surprised by how cool the delta box was. I don’t know if it will become a new fad, but there was definitely more to it than I thought there would be.

  2. Hi Scott,
    I had quite a while to write this article in, so I ended up with a bit of a back-log of videos. This column should be monthly from now on, so unless there is a spate of amazing videos in the coming months, it should come in more manageable-sized chunks in future!

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