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Welcome back to the column that shines the spotlight into the dark corners of the videosphere.

This month I’m going to concentrate solely on performers from another era, who I feel should be better known amongst jugglers. Specifically, those featured in the dusty archives of British Pathe.

Let’s start with Gaston Palmer. This Frenchman does a great finale trick with a pool cue and a milk bottle, whilst maintaining a constant stream of quirky banter. Other clips are here:

Time for a lay down? Check out the brilliant foot juggling of Will Carr, who I’d never heard of until I found this clip. For more antipodism, see Levanda:

We may only have one tantalising clip in which to see Cinquevalli, but “The Super Juggler” learned one of his routines and performed it. So, for some 1930s body rolling brilliance, have a gander at Joe Adani, or see Rob Murray’s version in the 80s.

For some classic 3-piece juggling with cigar boxes and “the jumping hats”, I give you Stetson. He was later to pass on his skills to his son and daughter, who performed professionally: Woodrow and Patricia D’Or.

Styles of juggling change over the years, and back in the 30s, the fast and furious 3 ball cascade was in vogue. See Anita Martell in action with her comic variations, and for some more skillful female juggling, check out Louise Maxim.

Want some sheer technical brilliance to finish off with? Rabello was a whizz with rolling hoops, sticks, plates and large balls.

Know your history, jugglers! See more in the Pathe collection, which is well worth exploring.

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