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Hey everyone!

I’m delighted to announce the 4th annual IJA Video Tutorial Contest. This event is an online educational throwdown open to all jugglers, object manipulators, flow artists, and physical performers across all disciplines. A panel of seven judges will evaluate all entries and score them according to their pedagogical, production, and educational values. The top ten videos are awarded fantastic prize packages, donated by vendors from all over the juggling community.

The IJA’s Video Tutorial Contest was established in 2009 as a way for the IJA to render assistance to even more jugglers across the planet. We’re excited to have the opportunity to serve the juggling community. If you enjoy this program and the videos it creates, I encourage you to join the ranks of IJA membership. Besides the satisfaction of helping the IJA run its programs worldwide, members get full access to the eZine, have access to special IJA performing insurance rates, and get discounts at the IJA store and at vendors all across the planet! The IJA’s eZine is home to archived footage from IJA events in Central and South America, as well as special videos from jugglers like Wes Peden and Anthony Gatto. Join us! Adult memberships cost $29/year.

Looking forward to seeing your entries this year, everyone! Let’s get filming!

–Thom Wall

Director, IJA Video Tutorial Contest



Video Tutorial Contest 2013 Rules (.PDF; 57.3kb)

Rules in brief: (Don’t like words? Watch the video!)

– You do NOT need to be an IJA member to participate in this event.

– All videos must mention the “Fourth Annual IJA Video Tutorial Contest” in text, audio, or video. YouTube annotations are not sufficient to meet this requirement.

– All areas of object manipulation are permitted.

– The IJA reserves the right to disqualify videos that do not meet official rule criteria.

– You may submit as many videos as you like. Creating one good video, however, would give you better odds of winning than creating three mediocre videos.

– Videos must be submitted by the 11:59pm, Pacific Standard Time on March 31st, 2013. Late submissions will not be accepted.

– Entries can be submitted by clicking on the “submit” image on the eZine sidebar, or by clicking HERE.




Resumen de las reglas: (No quieres leer?  Mire el video!)

-Cualquiera puede concursar (miembro o no de la IJA)

-Puedes subir tantos videos como quieras. Si quieres ganar, hacer un solo video de gran calidad te dará más oportunidad que hacer varios a medias.

-Cualquier material, cualquier disciplina puede ser aceptada (algo como aprende a caminar de diferentes maneras en el escenario es aceptado, como apilar dados) Nada peligroso (nada como aprende a hacer slapbacks con cuchillos, de hecho lo mandaron el año pasado, en serio.)

-No hay límite de entradas. Si pueden enseñar un truco en 20 segundos está bien. Si les toma veinte minutos también está bien. Por favor sean concisos y no malgasten nuestra tiempo!

-Los videos serán subidos en cualquier idioma (los subtítulos son un extra, o videos que no requieran palabras para nada sería genial!)

-Los videos deberán ser subido a Youtube.

-Los diez mejores, son elegidos por jueces y ganan grandes premios. Los premios estaran en el sitio web del concurso. (

-Habrá un premio para el mejor votado por la gente este año, los detalles para votar están en el sitio web. (

-No está permitida la música con derechos de autor.

-Todos los videos debes incluir una referencia al 4to Concurso Anual de Tutoriales de la IJA. Puede ser audio, texto, video, etc. Los concursantes tienen permitido usar el logo de la IJA, el cual puede ser descargado en alta resolución desde el sitio web.

– Cuando has subido tu video a tu canal YouTube, mandanos tu informacion (nombre, apellido, pais, email) y el URL de tu video.  Puedes hacer clic en el imagen “Submit!” en el eZine, o puedes usar este formulario




Resumo das regras:  (Não quer ler? Veja o vídeo!)

– Você não precisa ser um membro da IJA para participar do concurso!
– Todos os vídeos devem mencionar o “4º concurso anual de tutoriais da IJA” em texto, audio ou vídeo. Anotações no youtube não são o suficiente para atender essa exigência.

– Todas as áreas de manipulação de objetos são permitidas.

– O IJA reserva-se o direito de desqualificar os vídeos que não atenderem aos critérios das regras oficiais.

– Você pode enviar quantos vídeos quiser. Criar um ótimo vídeo, no entanto, lhe daria melhores chances de ganhar do que criar três vídeos medíocres.

– Os vídeos devem ser apresentados até às 11:59 pm, hora padrão do Pacífico em 31 de março de 2013. Atrasos não serão aceitos.

– As inscrições podem ser enviadas clicando na imagem de “submit” na barra lateral eZine, ou clicando AQUI.






Robin Gunney

My Name is Robin Gunney from Exeter in the South West of England, UK. I’m 33 years old and I’ve been juggling daily for the last 25 years. I trained full-time at the Circus Space in London from 1997-1999 and I’ve performed and taught both juggling and close up magic on and off for the last 18 years. As a juggling viewer I’m classically trained from old 20th generation VHS tapes and I’ve been watching juggling videos and attending conventions for around 20 years. I’m also part of the team responsible for the featured videos that appear on the front page of which means that I watch a lot of juggling videos! I currently juggle every day and I remain fascinated with every aspect of juggling and manipulation.

What do I want to see in a tutorial? Anything interesting that’s clearly broken down and taught properly by somebody who cares about what they’re doing.



Lauren Klipp

Lauren Klipp- I’m a jump roper from Tucson, Arizona. I have competed at the regional, national, and international level. I coach my own team of fantastic kids-The Tucson Twist-Its, and was recently selected to be the Assistant Coach of the USA Jump Rope All-Star Team. Last winter, I toured with Cirque Dreams in the U.S. and South Korea, and followed that trip up this January by participating in a jump rope exchange program in Vietnam.

I’m looking for a video that makes me say “but that’s impossible!” I helped combine double dutch and juggling to make juggloping, so I know you are capable of some crazy things!

You can find out more about my team, the Tuscon Twist-Its, at



Thomas Norbert Stanley Bunker-Whitney (a.k.a. Norbi)

I started diabolo in 2000 and then juggling in 2002, and almost immediately chose rings as my prop of choice. As well as juggling, I’m all about videography – if you want to impress me in this competition then I want to see well thought out shots, tasteful usage of graphic overlays, and as much effort in the production of the video as has been put into the production of the juggling. Some of my own films can be seen here:



Curtis Carlyle

My name is Curt, and I have been performing juggling for about twelve years. I have gone to at least 50 jugging festivals. I currently live in Portland Oregon with 2 acrobats, a cat and a 6 year old girl. I would love to see videos on lesser-used props.

Can I get a Tea cup and saucer video? Can I get a butter juggling tutorial!?!

If you are into gingers who juggle, my comedy juggling show should be right up your alley: Or, if you’d prefer to see some juggling videos: .


Photo by Kristian Wanvik

Marko Akkanen

I’m a juggler and magician from Tampere, Finland. My main props are diabolo and yo-yo. I teach juggling at local circus school, run a web store, perform, and organize juggling events in Finland. As a juggling teacher, I already have some opinions how to effectively teach tricks to others. I’m also quite a tech savvy. I will definitely favor videos that use YouTube annotations and captions in creative ways for the tutorial. Did you know you can even stabilize your videos straight from the tube?

To see my projects visit (and use Google Translate if necessary!) the following addresses: ; ; and .



Lucas Gardezani Abduch

I’m a juggler and YouTuber from Brazil. I started with diabolos and then ran into contact and toss juggling. Though I’m now focusing on juggling with balls, I really love any kind of juggling (I also love pasta and I drink my lemonade without sugar). I’m the creator of Malabarize-se, a YouTube channel about juggling and circus arts that aims to develop these arts worldwide and spread knowledge about them. You should definitely check it out!

For this year’s competition I’d really love to see tutorials that combine more than one style of juggling. The most important thing, though, is to have fun and to create a video that everybody will watch- not just jugglers! Talk to you soon! O=D



Efrén Sandoval

Mi nombre es Efrén Sandoval, claro soy malabarista de Guadalajara (Jalisco), Mexico, y llevo 4 años malabareando. Y mas de 1 año trabajando en el canal de MALABARES TV haciendo tutoriales para todos aquellos malabaristas que siempre quieren aprender mas.

My name is Efrén Sandoval, and I’m a juggler from Guadalajara (Jalisco), Mexico. I’ve been juggling for four years, plus one year working for the MALABARES TV YouTube channel, where I make tutorials for jugglers who are always eager to learn more.



Thom Wall

My name is Thom Wall, and I’m the director of this contest. I’ll be acting as the tiebreaker judge again this year, in the unlikely event that two videos end up with the same scores. Want to win the tie? I’ll probably wind up selecting the video that covers a topic that hasn’t been taught on YouTube before. If it’s entertaining and engaging, all the better!

You can check out my work at .





The winner of the People’s Choice Award, which is established by a popular vote April 2-4, 2013, will also win a prize.  This contest will be held through the IJA’s Facebook page.  More information to come in early April.

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DubeClub set
Pass the Props3x JuggleDream Torches
IJAFestival Package
Trick ConceptsHoodie

NOTE:  Prize packages are subject to change without notice.

As always, a HUGE thank-you to our wonderful sponsors!

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