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Hey everyone!

I’m delighted to announce the 5th annual IJA Video Tutorial Contest. This event is an online educational throwdown open to all jugglers, object manipulators, flow artists, and physical performers across all disciplines.  A panel of expert judges will evaluate all entries and score them according to their educational-, production-, and entertainment values.  The top ten videos are awarded prize packages, donated by vendors from all over the juggling community.  This year, one video will also be awarded the title of “people’s choice” by an online vote.  We’re also excited to announce the “Cholita Circus Hat Juggling Sub-Competition,” which has a special prize donated to the best hat juggling tutorial video (details below).

The IJA’s Video Tutorial Contest was established in 2009 as a way for the IJA to render assistance to even more jugglers across the planet. We’re excited to have the opportunity to serve the juggling community. If you enjoy this program and the videos it creates, I encourage you to join the ranks of IJA membership. Besides the satisfaction of helping the IJA run its programs worldwide, members get full access to eJuggle, have access to special IJA performing insurance rates, and get discounts at the IJA store and at vendors all across the planet!  eJuggle is home to archived footage from IJA events in North-, Central-, and South America, as well as special videos from jugglers like Wes Peden and Anthony Gatto.  Join us! Adult memberships cost just $29/year.

Looking forward to seeing your entries this year, everyone! Let’s get filming!

-Thom Wall

Director, IJA Video Tutorial Contest



IJA Video Tutorial Contest Rules in Brief

– You do NOT need to be an IJA member to participate in this event.

– Ten winners will be selected by the judges.  One winner will be selected by a public, online vote.

– All videos must mention the “Fifth Annual IJA Video Tutorial Contest” in text, audio, or video. If using text or video, this must be on screen for a minimum of three (3) seconds. YouTube annotations are not sufficient to meet this requirement.

– All areas of object manipulation are permitted.

– The IJA reserves the right to disqualify videos that do not meet official rule criteria.

– You may not use copyrighted music in your video.

– You may submit as many videos as you like. Creating one good video, however, would give you better odds of winning than creating three mediocre videos.

– Videos must be submitted by the 11:59pm, Pacific Standard Time on September 30th, 2014. Late submissions will not be accepted.

Full rules (83kb, .PDF) – DOWNLOAD HERE



Resumen de las Reglas

-Cualquiera puede concursar (miembro o no de la IJA)

-Puedes subir tantos videos como quieras. Si quieres ganar, hacer un solo video de gran calidad te dará más oportunidad que hacer varios a medias.

-Cualquier material, cualquier disciplina puede ser aceptada (algo como aprende a caminar de diferentes maneras en el escenario es aceptado, como apilar dados) Nada peligroso (nada como aprende a hacer slapbacks con cuchillos, de hecho lo mandaron el año pasado, en serio.)

-No hay límite de entradas. Si pueden enseñar un truco en 20 segundos está bien. Si les toma veinte minutos también está bien. Por favor sean concisos y no malgasten nuestra tiempo!

-Los videos serán subidos en cualquier idioma (los subtítulos son un extra, o videos que no requieran palabras para nada sería genial!)

-Los videos deberán ser subido a Youtube.

-Los diez mejores, son elegidos por jueces y ganan grandes premios. Los premios estaran en el sitio web del concurso. (

-Habrá un premio para el mejor votado por la gente este año, los detalles para votar están en el sitio web. (

-No está permitida la música con derechos de autor.

-Todos los videos debes incluir una referencia al 5o Concurso Anual de Tutoriales de la IJA. Puede ser audio, texto, video, etc. Los concursantes tienen permitido usar el logo de la IJA, el cual puede ser descargado en alta resolución desde el sitio web.


Reglas completas (Espanol) (90kb, .PDF) – BAJAR AQUI



Cholita Circus Hat Juggling Sub-Competition!

This year, the best hat juggling tutorial wins a set of five custom Cholita Circus juggling hats!

– Prize is awarded to the best hat juggling video – if it’s in the top 10 or not. (For example, if the best hat video is the 15th best overall, it still wins the prize.)

– Prize is awarded if and only if there are 10 hat juggling tutorials submitted at minimum.  You may film and submit multiple videos.

– Winner is selected by our special judge, Jody Cash- CEO of Cholita Circus.

– All hat tutorials entered are also eligible to win overall “top 10” prizes as well.  (Yes!  This means, theoretically, a hat tutorial could win both the Cholita Circus prize AND the best overall video prize AND people’s choice!)





Nico Pires – I am a 29 year old french juggler specialized in diabolo, which I play since I was 9, and do professionally since 2009. Over the last 4 years I traveled around the world to meet and record more than 100 of the very best diabolists of the world in order to create The Planet Diabolo Project.

The Planet Diabolo Project is a 3 DVDs collection about the art of diabolo, including the documentary movie “Diabolo is a Trip,” a 2 hours educational DVD “Diabolo is a skill,” and a performances DVD “Diabolo is a show.”
The trailer of the collection is here:
In last April I was invited to Taiwan to be a judge for the first diabolo Asian Cup.
You can learn more about myself on my website

tony beard edit

Tony Duncan – Tony Duncan has been shamelessly flaunting his God-­given talents for over 25 years. Which isn’t to say he’s old. Well seasoned – but not old.

Using all original material, with absurd characters and humorous execution, Tony has won numerous awards including the 1994 IJA individuals championships, “Most Original Act” at the Variety Artist World Cup, and “Mr. Congeniality”* at the same.  Tony receives rave reviews in theatres, circuses, cruise ships, and events around the world. Tony is a proven success at all these venues (with the exception of WWF wrestling championships, as he is kind of little – But he DOES look good in tights).

Tony is the head juggling instructor at the New England Center for Circus Arts in Brattleboro, Vermont.

You can learn more about Tony and his work at –


Bill “Biz” Olbrisch – Bill Olbrisch has been performing as Biz the Clown for 18 years.  He attended Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Clown College in 1996.  He travelled as an Advance Clown for the Ringling circus for a year and then began performing his solo comedy juggling show.  He has taught hundreds of people of all ages to juggle and is very interested in the nitty gritty of juggling instruction.  He loves YouTube, as he remembers a time when you had to beg a hippie to “please just show me that one trick one more time.”  He has been an active IJA member since 2009 and still kicks himself for not finding out about it sooner.

You can learn more about Biz and his work at –


Raphael Cargo – Raphael is a self-taught juggler, whose background includes time in both the artistic world and in the industry.  He has been influenced by many juggling clubs and festivals while touring through France, Spain and Latin America

In 2004, he began a project intended to document goings-on in the juggling community.  He followed the development of juggling in specific places through various meetings.  This sentimental project was called “Latin Objects.”  He has since engaged in many other juggling video projects, including the recent “Visual Juggling” video.

Learn more about Visual Juggling here –


Mark Williams – Mark Williams is from Auckland, New Zealand. Mark has been juggling for 18 years and he enjoys and performs all kinds of juggling with a particular fondness for the 3 club manipulation. He has been the President of the New Zealand Juggling Association twice and is currently a co organiser of the Auckland Circus Convention for the third time. He is half of the legendary kiwi juggling duo The Blingling Bros and currently holds the Supreme Award from the New Zealand Circus Awards.

“There aren’t many jugglers down here in New Zealand and not that many visit. Sometimes it feels like Ive learnt more from videos than I have from actual people.”

Youtube –


 Jody Cash – Cholita Circus Hat Tutorial Sub-Competition Judge – Jody is a sport psychologist and joined the circus world in 2010 through a theater clown class in Italy. Since then, he has been studying and researching the connections between circus art and psychology. Most of his juggling skills are self-taught through educational online videos and circus workshops.
Jody has been trained by Cirque du Monde as a professional social circus trainer. Since 2013 Jody has been living is Bolivia, where he directs a local social circus program recognized by Cirque du Soleil.
In 2014 Jody founded the Cholita Circus Hat online store –



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…and more sponsors to follow!

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