Videos From The Vault – Gypsy Gruss

Gypsy Gruss was born Camila Bouglione to the famous Bouglione circus family. In 1970, she married into another famous circus family when she wed Alexis Gruss. Gypsy is a multi-talented circus performer, having worked not only as a juggler, but also as a tightwire artist, acrobat, trapeze artist, trick cyclist, and equestrian performer. She debuted as a juggler at the age of 20 in 1965 after 6 years of practice and training under Italian juggler Luciano Bello. She initially performed under the name Dionni Wolls.  She performed high quality tricks with rings, clubs, ball bouncing, and ball spinning. She is also the mother and grandmother of a number of very skilled jugglers. She still performs in her family’s circus today and has written a book about her life in the circus.

In this installment of Videos From The Vault, we have not just a new video, but also a number of photos of Gypsy that have not been published online before, which are included throughout this article.

Before we see the new video, let’s take a look at two films of Gypsy that I put online a while back. They are both included in the video below.

Here is the new video.

Here are some additional new photos of Gypsy.

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