Volunteer Opportunities

The International Jugglers’ Association’s 70-year history of spreading the enjoyment of juggling has been possible only because of the hard work and passion of countless volunteers throughout the years. The organization relies on the time and talents of volunteers to carry out all business, festival and program related functions.

Ask not what the IJA can do for you, ask what you can do for the IJA.

IJA Officer

IJA Officers utilize their skill sets to fulfill specific needs of the IJA. Around August each year, the board puts out a call to fill these positions. Check out the full list of available positions on the Officer Roles & Responsibilities page. Interested in a particular role, learning more about a position or even in creating a new position? Contact us!

IJA Board Member

Board members are essential to continuing the legacy of the IJA. They guide the business, vision and planning of the organization. Each board member commits to a two-year term and is elected during an annual vote of the IJA membership. To learn more, see Duties and Expectations of Board Members.

ejuggle contributor

eJuggle, our online magazine, is always on the lookout for new contributors. Do you have an idea for an eJuggle article, video, podcast or series? Make it a reality! Contact the eJuggle Editor-in-Chief at ejuggle@juggle.org.

ija programs

Interested in being part of a specific IJA program, or starting a new program? Contact stephens@juggle.org to express your interest/ideas.

Our Volunteers

“It’s a true honor to serve an organization with such an illustrious history. Juggling has given me so much joy over the years and I am proud every day to be able to give back to the juggling community by volunteering for the IJA.”Nathan Wakefield
“There is no ‘they’ in the IJA, there is only ‘we’. And together, we get to create the future for this amazing historic organization. I am honored to be a part of it.”Erin Stephens
“A mi me gusta trabajar con la IJA por que derrumba las fronteras entre malabaristas.”Jorge Vilchis
“Giving my time to the IJA has afforded me the opportunity to get to know jugglers from all over the world, to better the juggling community as a whole, and to make myself a better person and juggler. Whatever gifts and talents you have, using them to support the art of juggling through the IJA is a decision you won’t regret.”David Cain
“I believe in the IJA. I believe in the programs, I believe in the organization and I believe in the people on the IJA. I can’t even express how much joy I get volunteering. It’s my privilege and honor to be part of an amazing organization.”Nhu Bergstrom