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The IJA publications have a rich and varied history. “The Juggler’s Bulletin” (1944-1949) actually preceeded the IJA but became the offical mouthpiece of the organization for its first few years. After that was the “IJA Newsletter” (1949-1980) before the IJA switched to a more formal magazine format with “Juggler’s World” (1981-1998) and then for the past 13 years, “JUGGLE” (1998-2011).

And now we’re moving forward with the eZine. This is an exciting project for so many reasons.

For readers, there are many advantages to having an electronic magazine rather than a printed magazine:

  • Many of the same writers will be contributing to the new eZine, so it should contain the same high-quality standards people have come to expect from IJA publications. We hope that IJA members will realize that they’re not losing a benefit by moving to an electronic publication. They’re getting the same content, just in a different (better!) format.
  • Content can be made available as it’s ready instead of 4 times/year. A steady stream of articles will help to keep members engaged in the organization, and it can be particularly important for the release of current events in a timely fashion.
  • There are no space limitations. We can write more articles than were in the magazine. Also, most articles in a printed magazine are condensed to fit on the page.  We won’t have that limitation online. Similarly, the photos that go with a printed article have to be limited because that is a major expense per page. Online we have virtually unlimited space.
  • Multimedia content can be provided including videos, photos, games, recordings, animations, juggling simulators, and other interactive capabilities.
  • Portability means universal access to articles from anywhere: home, work, friend’s house, mobile, etc.
  • Online has certain controls that may be more comfortable to read than a printed page. For example, for someone with poor eyesight, they can zoom for larger text. Hyperlinks can be added to make navigating around much easier.
  • Having an online archive is a major advantage. There will be search as well as logical groupings such as by author, category, name of the column, prop, etc. New members will get all old premium content so it’s like they get all back-issues for free!
  • Changes can be made in the future so if there is a typo or factual error, we can always fix published articles.
  • The ability to comment on articles makes it more interactive and can contribute a lot to the topics. We will also encourage feedback via polls, contests, surveys, quizzes, etc.
  • Content can easily be translated for the benefit of jugglers around the world.

For the IJA, there are many advantages to having an eZine rather than a printed magazine:

  • It is considerably cheaper than the printed magazine. Many normal magazine expenses will be reduced or removed completely: copy editing, graphic design, printing, mailing. The main ezine team is comprised purely of volunteers.
  • There is income potential with targeted advertising.
  • There is virtually unlimited space for providing information about the organization, its programs, events, etc.
  • There are social networking opportunities that will expand the range of our public relations.
  • It is easy to control the information so content and inaccuracies can be improved at any time.
  • We’ll be able to render assistance to all jugglers – not just members – by offering much of the content freely to anyone.

For writers/contributors there are a number of benefits, as well:

  • Writers will receive wider exposure than with the printed magazine since many articles won’t be limited to just IJA membership.
  • Because of the archive, there will be future access to the articles so their content will endure.
  • The IJA will advertise the articles on websites, forums, and social media.
  • Since we can publish at any time, deadlines are much more flexible so there should be less pressure to get work done.
  • The team will provide contributors with excellent support in the areas of proofreading, layout, design, content verification, etc.

So, we’re excited to be taking the IJA publication to the next level. I want to thank the IJA board, the eZine team, and the contributors so far who’ve been a joy to work with. There are great things to come…


For further reading on the history of juggling magazines, see:

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Scott Seltzer has been very active in the IJA and the juggling world for a very long time. He co-founded the IJDb, was a member of the JISCON, is on the team of IJC, and is involved in other acronyms with I's and J's in them. Scott is a semi-professional performer and lives in Israel with his two awesome daughters.

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  1. Thanks to everyone who is making this a reality! I’ve been happy to see the IJA move in a positive, responsible direction over the last few years, and the new ezine is the most recent example of that.

    I read the first four articles posted and enjoyed each of them. Thanks too for making the site accessible from mobile devices! I can read this just about anytime now.

  2. The transition from paper to bits is most welcome! This is a MUCH better medium for communicating about a dynamic activity like juggling than ink on squashed trees. Bravo!!

  3. Love the new format. Will miss the hard copy as I’ve been collecting them over the years, but it’s time to move on and stay current. Keep up the great work. As a Life Member I’ve invested a good deal of time in trying to teach others to juggle and share the joy that comes with knowing how to. Kudos to IJA and Staff!

  4. Well done everyone!

    It’s nice to finally see this become a reality. I’ve already added you to my RSS reader so I can keep up to date with what I truly believe is the most exciting thing the IJA has done in years!

  5. Like others have said, this eZine is tremendously exciting. Here’s to an increasingly accessible and relevant IJA that can better “render service to fellow jugglers” for years to come!

  6. I understand the need to move from the costly print format and I will learn to appreciate the e-zine in time. That said, I was one of the many collectors of the printed media back to the early days of the newsletters and will miss Juggle.

    I appreciate the organization and although I have not been attending conventions or even practicing like I once did, I will continue to support the IJA and its many interesting members. NT

  7. I miss the printed format and the e-zine will never replace the magazine. It was always fun to read and to collect it. I wrote two comments to the IJA board about the future of JUGGLE and I never saw them published anywhere and I also didn’t receive an answer….

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