Wes Peden – HEPTAD Exclusive Video

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HEPTAD is a sequence of juggling by Wes Peden. Balls 1234567, rings 1234567, and clubs 1234567. The work was motivated by the options and limitations offered by each amount of object. The quality of a trick in this project was based on it's look, function, and rhythm within the composition. Filming took place in a tent, on an island, next to a cow pasture. In the video there are 24 quadruples, more than the average amounts of triplexes, and a 3 ring upside down bounce grind, a 4 club trick that's hard, and a snowman.

See https://ezine.juggle.org/2012/07/31/wes-peden-heptad-trailer/ for the trailer.


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Wes Peden designs juggling to perform in space stations and other venues.